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Jude Uchella

Jude Uchella (Editor and Writer)

Jude Uchella is a research writer, health and wellness advocate and founder of Health Makes You, a reliable resource for comprehensive answers to health-related questions.

He is supported by a team of professionals (a doctor, an anatomist, and a fitness trainer) who contribute and fact-check content on the website.

Email: healthmakesyou@gmail.com

Endee Nezianya

Endee Nezianya (Fitness & Weight Loss Coach)

Endee is a certified professional fitness and weight loss coach. He helps people keep fit and achieve their weight loss goals with exercise routines, weight loss diets, and general lifestyle changes.

Endee reviews and fact-checks content on the website for accuracy and correctness.

Precious Uka

Precious Uka (Writer and Researcher)

Precious started her career as a content writer in 2018. She is a vast researcher and has a knack for writing. She is also passionate about learning and personal development. Precious is a graduate of Human Anatomy.

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Adesola Adegun

Adesola Adegun (Medical Doctor, Contributor)

Adesola Adegun is a medical doctor. She studied Medicine at Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia. She loves to share simple tips to help people stay healthy, fit, and happy! In her leisure time, she loves to read, write, cook, and travel!