Aviron Rower review | Should you buy it?

The Aviron rower is an innovative rower machine that you can use to create a more dynamic and interactive exercise experience. 

It comes with several addictive games that will leave you rowing actively for minutes without getting bored.

In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about the Aviron rowing machine and how to stay fit in a fun, engaging way. Read on.

Features of the Aviron Rowing machine

The Aviron rower is one of the top smart rowing machines available in the market today. It will turn your regular rowing workout into an interactive adventure. 

aviron rower

Here’s what the Aviron rower has to offer.

Interactive workout modes

Aviron comes with seven different workout modes that will make your exercise time even more exciting. These modes include:

  • Competing against friends
  • Competing against professional athletes
  • Virtual tours
  • Virtual games
  • And many more.


The Aviron smart rowing machine will change your perspective about rowing machines. 

With Aviron, you can pull up to 100lbs of resistance (a number most rowing machines don’t come close to). As a result, it can serve as both a strength training and cardio equipment tool.

Furthermore, Aviron comes with 16 resistance settings, allowing you to easily lower and increase the resistance level to suit your needs.


Aviron features a nice large touchscreen, making it easier to navigate the interface seamlessly. 

From the main screen, you can select your workout, navigate to YouTube, check your stats, and so on.

You will not find many rowing machines with touchscreens. 


With Aviron, there is a workout routine for everyone in the family. 

Your kids can hit the pros vs. joes mode, and you can compete with your friends.

Kids will love the games on Aviron rower and will have to exercise before competing in any game. And that’s very impressive.

Knowing that your whole family can use the Aviron makes the machine even more valuable. 

You can easily fold and fit the Aviron row machine in a corner of your room.

Programming and workout options

Aviron has managed to strike a perfect balance between fun and personal progression. 

Here, you’ll find lots of fun and competitive activities with the right intensity to give you the results you need.

Also, there are so many ways to row this machine, and the company continues to release new software updates every time.

High frame

The Aviron machine comes with a higher frame which puts you way above the floor, making it more significantly different from other traditional rowers.

Aviron rower – pros

  • Lots of fun games and competitions
  • Smooth ride
  • Higher from the ground than most rowing machines
  • Outstanding software and workouts programming
  • Powerful resistance system
  • Folds up easily
  • Simple to move around
  • Great for beginners and advanced rowers
  • Zero lag during gameplay/workouts

Aviron rower – cons

  • Monthly membership fee
  • Up to 5 weeks for shipping
  • It can be too bulky for people with small home spaces

Aviron Impact vs. Aviron Series

The Aviron smart rowing machine is available in two different versions; the Impact series, which sells at $2,199, and the Tough series, which sells at $2,499. 

Although both versions have the same software and internal components, they differ slightly in their hardware components.

The Tough series comes with extra steel reinforcement on the rail, and it is far more durable than the Impact series. 

Another unique feature of the Tough series is that it allows you to adjust the width between your feet, allowing taller people to row more comfortably.

On the other hand, the Impact series does not allow you to adjust the width between your feet, and the footpads are spaced about 4.6 inches apart. 

The Aviron is about ten inches longer than most rowing machines, and the Tough series is an excellent choice for older adults and those with lower back problems.

In addition, one benefit the Impact series has over the Tough series is it is foldable, thus helping you create extra space in your room when the machine is not in use.

Is Aviron a good rower?

Yes, Aviron is a good rower, thanks to its engaging features and use cases. This rower is suitable for beginners and advanced rowers and is a great motivation for regular exercise. 

Aviron is way off the league of most traditional rowers, and it intelligently combines fun and workouts in one place. 

It also comes with games, short mindful workouts, and an HD screen lacking in almost every traditional rowing machine. 

Furthermore, Aviron uses a magnetic system that is longer and larger than most traditionally rowers such as Ergatta

However, note that you’ll need to pay a membership fee before you can access all the interactive features on th e Aviron device. 

The Aviron membership fee is $29.99 per month, and you’ll get a 30-day free trial if you are not satisfied with the machine. 

The device also comes with a 10-year frame warranty and a 2-year moving parts warranty.

Is Aviron worth the money?

Aviron boasts a remarkable statistic with less than 1% of its customers asking for a refund. Most reviews online are positive, and most customers never fail to highlight how fun it is to use this machine. 

Although Aviron is still relatively new, it’s ranked high in-home exercise equipment. 

Additionally, Aviron has the best, most personal customer service and support available. You can reach out to their team at any time, and chances are you’ll get in touch with the founder himself.

The outstanding customer service and utmost respect they give to their customers are among the top reasons people choose this rowing device over other rower brands.


If you are looking for the best home rowing machine with fun strengthening workouts, then the Aviron rower has got you covered. 

Although it is pricier than other rowing machines, this smart rower will make your workouts more engaging and entertaining.

The Aviron rowing machine is a top choice for anyone who likes the idea of playing games and working out at the same time.

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