Best Drinks for People Who Pinky Swear to Avoid Sodas

Have you decided to call it quits on soda consumption? Many have tried and failed to keep up, mainly because they couldn’t find a suitable alternative. Let’s solve that problem, shall we?

Redditor u/Even-Efficiency2077 asked for suggestions for good drinks, and she got 199 comments, some more helpful than others. Here are the best ideas you can use.

Sparkling Water – 172 Upvotes

sewest opened the comments, “Sparkling water, a splash of 100% cranberry juice, and some lime is super refreshing.”


Fizzy Water – 142 Upvotes

catfink1664 added, “Fizzy water. If you don’t like it plain, you can add a splash of fresh orange juice to it.”

purpletortellini lends his voice in the comment, saying, “My method was adding juice and slowly diluting more and more over a few weeks. Worked well for me. Now I find it plenty flavorful just by itself.”

Teas and Coffee – 54 Upvotes

Chicka-17 said, “Black and green teas or coffee contain antioxidants which have great benefits. Also water. If you try green or black tea or even coffee, add just a half to one teaspoon of natural honey, and you will have a healthy drink with 1/9 the calories.”

KazBeeragg adds a follow-up suggestion, “If you don’t want to caffeinate all day or want to move away from caffeine, there are lots of herbal teas that offer health benefits as well. You could do hot or iced. Also, I like to mix lemon with water or cucumber. Better than plain water, which I struggle to drink as well.”

Water (Beer?) – 194 Upvotes

cobalt1981 makes a cheeky contribution to the conversation, “If you quit drinking soda and juice, water will become the most refreshingly delicious drink you could have possibly imagined…. After beer.” I know. The beer part is hilarious.

Kombucha – 59 Upvotes

Lulimay introduces kombucha, “I like kombucha! It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy it. My favorite is GT’s Synergy — Trilogy flavor, which is 50 calories for 16oz. It has a touch of kiwi, raspberry juice, lemon, and ginger.”

Houseplatho adds, “I like Poppi too. It’s a probiotic soda. Not the cheapest, but if kombuchas too strong a flavor, this is milder.”

What do you think about the Redditors’ alternative ideas to soda? Do you agree?

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