The 7 best gyms with basketball courts

If you love to work out and play basketball, you may want to consider joining a gym with a court facility. 

Gyms with basketball courts allow you to exercise your muscles and enjoy the sport concurrently.

I have curated the seven best gyms with basketball courts in this article. Read on.

Gyms with basketball courts to visit – Which is the best?

Here are the top 7 gyms with standard basketball courts.

  • Equinox
  • Life Time Fitness 
  • LA Fitness
  • Gold’s Gym
  • YMCA 
  • GoodLife Fitness
  • 24 Hour Fitness 

1. Equinox

Famous for their cleanliness and high-end amenities, Equinox courts meet the international basketball federation standards and are present in almost all gym locations. They also have other facilities like a spa, swimming pools, and group classes.

The court is an excellent choice for beginner and professional basketball players, and you can book the court in advance or drop-in sessions organized by the gym.

2. Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness offers scheduled pickup play for every age group, including 18+ and 40+ adults, as well as kids 13-17 and 0 – 12 years. You don’t have to push your way through to book a slot for yourself.

Also, at Life Time Fitness, there is a tournament for every age group.

The courts at Life Time Fitness have quality hardwood floors that are safe and comfortable to use. 

The gym also features camps and mini-camps for children to learn basketball.

You can signup for a one-day or monthly membership plan to get started with Life Time Fitness.

3. LA Fitness

Headquartered in California, the LA Fitness gym has a comparatively low monthly membership cost and is one of the best gyms.

LA Fitness offers a basketball court and a racquetball court, but you may have to pay extra to use the area. You also get the opportunity to join a club league and participate in tournaments.

Additionally, the LA Fitness app allows you to monitor all your game activities from the comfort of your home. 

You can also book a spot in the court using the app.

The LA Fitness basketball league lasts about two months and runs throughout the year.

4. Gold Gym

Though in over 700 locations, not all Gold’s Gym centers have basketball courts. So you’ll need to visit or call your local club to ascertain if it has one.

Gold Gym members can book the court for personal or group training sessions or join quick drop-in sessions organized by the gym or other gym members.

It costs about $16.50 to buy a monthly membership with Gold Gym.


Known for affordability, YMCA offers basketball leagues for both adults and children. 

However, only a few locations offer a basketball court, and the requirements for using the facility vary according to location.

To join a league, you may have to pay a registration fee in addition to your monthly membership.

6. GoodLife Fitness

This is one of the most popular gyms in Canada and is known for its premier equipment and amenities. 

However, the services offered by the GoodLife Fitness gym vary according to the membership plan, and you have to pay an extra fee to access the basketball court.

In addition to a court facility, you also have access to other perks like pools, saunas, and child care services.

7. 24 Hour Fitness

You don’t need to pay extra to access the basketball court here, and not all locations feature a court.

Alongside its finely furnished basketball courts, 24 Hour Fitness also offers facilities like volleyball courts, swimming pool, and sprinting track, allowing you to enjoy your membership to the fullness. 

An average 24 Hour Fitness membership ranges from $30 to $60 per month.

Gyms that do not have basketball courts   

  • Planet Fitness
  • Snap
  • YouFit
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Blink

Benefits of working out at a gym with basketball courts

Workout variety

Signing up in a gym with basketball courts allows you to vary your workout and try new sports and exercises. 

Enhanced mental development

As basketball is a game of tactics, you get to challenge your brain to invent strategies for a win. And this is good for you. 

Group activities and games

Gyms with basketball courts usually have lots of drop-in sessions and tournaments to participate in, and you also get to socialize and make new friends. 

Additionally, there are options of booking the full court to play with family and friends.

Saves money

Signing up with a gym with basketball courts can save you from paying for two separate memberships to work out and play basketball. 

You do not have to use a sports center or travel to two different locations to enjoy games and exercises.

Builds self-confidence

Though you may not win every time, success on the basketball court can extend into other areas of your life.

You may find that you’re learning to believe more in yourself and your abilities.

  • Increased motivation 
  • It improves muscle strength and coordination. 

Important things to know before joining a gym with basketball courts

1. You may need to reserve a court in advance.

Most gyms require you to reserve a time slot ahead of your game. This ensures that the court will be available or unoccupied when you need it.

2. You may have to pay additional fees to use the basketball courts.

While some gyms charge an extra to access their court facilities, you only need to purchase a membership plan to use the basketball courts in other locations.

3. The quality and cleanliness can differ between gym locations. 

4. Some gyms offer their basketball courts as part of school programs. 

5. You may be unable to book the basketball court during tournaments or special gym activities.


If you’re looking to work out and enjoy basketball simultaneously, these are the seven best gyms to visit. 

If luxury is a priority for you, Equinox and GoodLife Fitness are the first options to consider.

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