The secret of Billy Gardell’s weight loss

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Billy Gardell is a comedian who has been on the rise for years. Billy is also known for his weight loss success. This article will look at Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey and how his success story is an inspiration to people with similar weight loss goals.

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Who is Billy Gardell?

Billy Gardell is an American stand-up comedian and actor. Billy, also known as “Big Red,” was a regular cast member of Mike & Molly from 2010 to 2016.

Billy Gardell in Mike and Molly

Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey started in 2008 when he began to lose weight because his doctor told him that he had high cholesterol levels, leading to heart disease if not controlled. 

Billy realized that he needed help with this problem, so he went through numerous medical tests and treatments to get it under control.

In addition, Billy’s wife gave birth to their son three months later, and Billy said, “it put things into perspective.” 

He wanted to be around as long as possible for his family. Billy was also motivated to lose weight because he loved the feeling of being on stage and not worrying about his health.

How did Billy Gardell lose weight?

Billy Gardell said he exercised with a routine specific to type-two diabetes patients. He used a desk chair with adjustable height, practiced yoga as his main form of exercise, and increased muscle mass by lifting weight twice a week as part of a diabetic management plan.

Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey was a long process that Billy went through, making changes to his diet and exercise. Billy recognized the importance of being active, so he started walking around his neighborhood every day for 20 minutes or more.

Billy also tried new things like cooking healthier food for himself, cutting out sodas from his daily diet, and even joined Curves gym in 2009.

He also talks about the importance of listening to your body’s needs by not lowering your caloric intake too much in one day or ramping it up too quickly. 

Billy Gardell recommends that people who want to lose weight focus on exercise routines for their type of lifestyle. For instance, if you’re sitting at your desk all day, Billy recommends a desk chair with an adjustable height. 

Billy’s weight loss journey changed him; he became more confident and sure of himself.

Billy Gardell’s diet routine

Billy Gardell said he tried to eat less, but it was hard because of the kind of food he liked.

billy gardell diet

He also stated that his diet mainly consisted of vegetables and lean meats with some carbs like oatmeal or rice.  

Billy didn’t need to count calories, as long as he kept portions small. He made sure not to eat the same thing every day.

Billy also tried to eat a few days’ worth of food in one meal so he could get it done in 30 minutes and not have to worry about cooking for each meal.

Billy avoided carbs like white bread or rice at dinner because they can cause spikes in blood sugar levels later on.

What he eats now – his favorite recipes

Billy Gardell’s favorite recipes now are:

– Mixed veggies and chicken stir fry, with brown rice

– Oatmeal pancakes w/ blueberries (a variation of Billy’s creation)

– Smoked salmon w/ lemon juice + dill

Billy also eats a lot more vegetables than before. He said he never used to eat them, but now he eats various vegetables and likes them. 

Billy Gardell also said that his favorite vegetable is broccoli, but since eating more vegetables in general, Billy has found many different varieties of veggies out there to enjoy!

Lessons from Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey

We have picked four key points from Billy Gardell weight loss journey 

1. Exercise

Billy Gardell has a routine of exercises he does that are specific to a type-2 diabetic patient. Whether or not you have diabetes, exercise plays a crucial role in weight loss

Exercise helps to build resistance, increase core strength, relieve stress, relieve depression and burn more calories.

Some exercises that help with weight loss include:

  • Cycling
  • Weight training
  • Interval training
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

2. Nutritionist 

Among the experts helping him lose weight, he had a nutritionist who helped him with healthy food recipes.

Having a nutritionist goes a long way in your weight loss journey; it helps you achieve better results in a short time.

Eating healthy will complement your exercise routine, and the results typically get better with consistency. 

3. Life coach

Billy Gardell said having a life coach to talk to and motivate you helps with mental switch and reduces stress.

A life coach can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and make strategies for overcoming each barrier.

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Billy Gardell went from being heavy and unhealthy to losing over 100 pounds in three years. As we discussed in this post, two main things worked for him.

First, he changed his diet by cutting out processed foods and making sure what he ate was fresh and healthy. Second, he made physical activity part of his daily routine with an active job and regular walks outside when possible.

His lifestyle changes have had clear results on both his waistline and overall health. We hope it inspires you to make some changes, too, if you have a weight loss goal.