10 Boomer Trends That Millennials Desperately Want to Go Extinct

As the generations continue to shift, it’s easy to spot key differences between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Some of these changes are due to technological advancements, while others can be attributed to social norms that have shifted over time.

One thing is certain: Millennials are impatiently waiting for some outdated trends favored by Baby Boomers to go extinct. From fashion choices to career paths, here are ten boomer trends millennials can’t wait for their parent’s generation to abandon.

“The Customer Is Always Right” Excuse

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For a very long time, this excuse has allowed customers to get away with treating service workers poorly. A customer could be wrong in a situation, but because of this mindset, they would still receive favorable treatment. Millennials think that’s unfair and hope it goes away.

Millennials want to see businesses abandon this attitude and instead value their employees’ hard work over a customer’s whims. They believe that being a customer is not a right, but a privilege, and people should be treated with respect regardless of their status.

Millennials also think that condoning bad behavior is counterproductive for a business. They want to see businesses cultivate an environment of mutual respect, where customers are held accountable for their actions and treated with kindness.

Lawn Care Obsession

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Baby Boomers are known for their obsession with maintaining a perfect lawn. On the other hand, millennials view this as an outdated trend that wastes precious time and resources.

Millennials would rather see people use their free time to pursue meaningful hobbies or activities instead of obsessing over how green and weed-free their lawns are. They’d also like to see people focus on creating a healthier and more sustainable environment rather than worrying about having a perfect-looking yard.

Furthermore, Millennials think obsessing over lawn care is an unnecessary waste of time and resources. If a person wants a good-looking lawn, they can use eco-friendly methods such as xeriscaping or native landscaping, which help conserve water and energy in the long run.

Being Ignorant About Technology and Not Wanting to Learn

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Millennials can’t stand when Baby Boomers get too comfortable with their technology skills and refuse to learn more. They think it’s important for people of all ages to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and not rely on outdated methods.

Millennials want to see Baby Boomers embrace technology instead of shying away. They believe that people should always be looking to improve their knowledge and skills regarding technology, as it can open up more opportunities in the future.

Besides, when boomers don’t embrace technology, their kids and grandkids have to do things for them, like online shopping or setting up their phones. It can be draining, and Millennials don’t like it.

Randomly Visiting Without Checking if it’s Okay

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Millennials believe that it’s important to check in with people before randomly visiting them. They think just because someone is family or a close friend doesn’t mean you can show up unannounced.

Millennials would rather see people respect each other’s time and space. They believe that checking in with someone before visiting is a simple but important gesture that needs to be done out of courtesy.

Most baby boomers will visit their family and friends without checking if it’s okay, but Millennials want to see this trend disappear. After all, it’s easier to communicate nowadays, so it shouldn’t be too hard to ask if someone is available before popping over.

Supporting a Candidate Just Because They Represent a Party

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Millennials think it’s important to research and learn about the candidate they plan on voting for before making a decision. They believe that blindly supporting a political candidate just because they belong to a particular party is wrong and only further alienates people from each other.

It’s understandable why baby boomers do this – they’ve grown up in a time when the two main parties were the only choices. But Millennials would rather see people look beyond party lines and get to know candidates before choosing them. There may be other reasons, but we doubt millennials care, so this attitude to politics should be left to rest.

The Gender Pay Gap

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Millennials have grown up in a world that’s more open and accepting of different genders, orientations, and backgrounds. As a result, they have no patience for the gender pay gap that still exists in some industries today.

Millennials believe everyone should be paid equally for the same job, regardless of gender. They think it’s unfair that women are still not compensated for the same work as men and want to see this trend go extinct soon.

Millennials also feel that companies must act to close the pay gap. They want to see businesses invest in initiatives that focus on promoting gender equality in the workplace and providing equal pay for everyone, regardless of their gender.

Being Judgmental About People’s Life Choices

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Millennials think that it’s wrong to judge people for the choices they make in their lives. They believe everyone has the right to make decisions based on their values and beliefs without fear of criticism or judgment from others.

Millennials want to see baby boomers become more accepting and understanding of other people’s choices. Focusing on what brings people together is better than what sets them apart. After all, it’s only through understanding and respect that we can create a better world for everyone.

You may ask, how are baby boomers judgemental? They may be judgemental about the clothes people wear, their religious or spiritual beliefs, lifestyle choices, etc. Millennials would rather baby boomers focus on the things that bind us together rather than the things that divide us.

The Workhorse Metality They Demand From Employees

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Millennials are more focused on quality rather than quantity. They understand that a good employee doesn’t necessarily put in the most hours, so the focus is on results, productivity, and innovation – qualities that often come from employees with a healthy work-life balance.

Millennials don’t believe in the old-fashioned “workhorse” mentality that baby boomers tend to adhere to. They think it’s important for employees to be passionate about their work, but they don’t have to sacrifice their personal lives to do so. Companies must learn how to support and motivate employees in a way that allows them time off and a healthy work-life balance.

Their Tendency for Obvious or Subtle Racism

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Millennials have grown up in a world where racism and bigotry are not tolerated. They believe that everyone should be treated with equal respect regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or any other factor.

Unfortunately, baby boomers may still harbor some prejudice toward certain groups. In some cases, it’s subtle and unconscious, while in other cases, it may be more obvious. This is why Millennials believe it’s important to call out and challenge any type of racism or bigotry when they see it – whether subtle or overt.

Millennials are passionate about creating an inclusive world where everyone is accepted and respected regardless of their differences. They want baby boomers to embrace this attitude and recognize that diversity should be celebrated, not feared.

Calling Instead of Texting

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Millennials prefer to text or message instead of calling. They are more comfortable communicating digitally and feel it allows them to express themselves better.

On the other hand, baby boomers tend to value face-to-face communication, or at least a phone call. Millennials feel that while it’s important to communicate in person when possible, digital communication can be just as effective – if not more so – for certain situations.

Millennials want baby boomers to understand that there are times when texting or messaging is appropriate and can be just as effective as a phone call. They also want baby boomers to understand that digital communication has rules and etiquette that should be followed.

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