These Celebrities Were Almost Unrecognizable After Dramatic Weight Loss

Celebrities are often held to unreachable standards when it comes to their appearance. They’re constantly scrutinized for their appearance, from red carpets to magazine covers. One of the most common areas of criticism is weight.

Some celebrities have worked hard to shed some pounds, resulting in dramatic transformations that can be seen from all angles. Whether through lifestyle changes or specific diets, these stars prove that anything is possible if you put your mind (and body) into it!

1. Adele

Adele is an incredibly talented British singer-songwriter whose wide range of hit songs has earned her critical acclaim and worldwide fame. Since lighting up the music scene in 2008, Adele has been praised for her powerful voice and soulful ballads. And all this while she was overweight, no thanks to unhealthy eating habits.

In 2020, Adele’s dramatic weight loss transformation shocked the world, dropping a staggering 100 pounds through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Her weight loss came on the heels of her divorce from Simon Konecki in September 2019.

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2. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is one of Hollywood’s most beloved leading ladies. She has endeared audiences with her comedic performances in films such as Bridesmaids and The Heat. But her inspiring 75-pound weight loss journey caught people’s attention.

McCarthy credits her success to a laid-back lifestyle. “No trick, nothing to tell, just super boring life. You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick,” she told Extra. Essentially, she changed her mindset.

3. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a multi-platinum-selling musician, actress, and fashion designer. She has also become an inspiration to many after losing a staggering 100 pounds six months after birthing her third child, Birdie.

She achieved her goal with the help of longtime celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. He helped Jessica start exercising by having her walk 6,000 steps each day. Gradually, she increased the number of steps, which grew to 14,000 steps a day.

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4. Mama June

Mama June, a reality star best known for her role in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, went on an incredible weight-loss journey. After undergoing a series of surgeries (gastric sleeve and skin removal), the reality star dropped from 460 pounds to 160 pounds. This was her next best option after hitting a weight loss plateau.

She changed what she ate. Instead of soda and chips, she drank water and ate grapes. She also started exercising every day.

5. Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is known for her role as Alex Dunphy on the hit show Modern Family. In 2019, the actress made headlines after debuting a slimmed-down figure. Winter revealed that she had lost over 30 pounds and credited her transformation to switching antidepressants.

Ariel said in an Instagram post:

“For years, I had been on antidepressants that caused me to gain weight that I couldn’t lose no matter what I did.” It was always frustrating because I wanted to get fit and feel like my work was paying off, but it never felt that way. I had accepted it and moved on.” 

Her therapist and psychiatrist suggested a better medication combination, and it worked. It shows that sometimes, even with the best intentions and efforts, a person’s weight loss journey may be impeded by certain medications.

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6. Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of groundbreaking TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, inspires many. Rhimes credits her 150-pound weight loss to a holistic approach, which includes clean eating and daily exercise.

Rhimes shared in an interview with Health: “I did it because I could not walk up a short flight of stairs without stopping to take a break and wiping sweat from my brow. I did it because my body was physically rebelling against the brain that had been ignoring it for so long.”

By including daily exercise into her regimen and monitoring serving sizes, the mastermind behind “Scandal” was able to attain a more slender physique.

7. Janet Jackson

Iconic pop star Janet Jackson revealed her stunning 70-pound weight loss after giving birth to her daughter, Eissa, at 50. Janet worked with trainer Paulette Sybliss, and the trainer had this to say to E! News about the weight loss journey: 

“I started training her about six weeks after she had Eissa. We had a very vigorous training schedule.” “We were training a minimum of four times a week and the sessions were never less than 45 minutes, no more than an hour.”

Janet Jackson also kept to Sybliss’s rule that if she ate well 90-95% of the time, she could have an occasional treat in moderation.

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8. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer. She was recently in the news for losing thirty pounds since she began a new diet plan with Jenny Craig. The plan includes nutritional counseling, portion control, and personalized meal plans.

When Carey joined the Jenny Craig program, she consulted a nutritionist to determine her daily caloric limit and came away with an eating plan of 1,500 calories per day. In addition, she was advised to work out three times a week.

9. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress and comedian, gained international fame with her roles in films like Bridesmaids. In 2020, she made headlines due to her impressive weight loss transformation. The actress said in an Instagram post, “Okay so for me 2020 is going to be called ‘The Year of Health,” and indeed it was.

Since beginning this journey, Rebel Wilson has lost almost 80 pounds and attributes her success to an eating plan and working out with trainer Jono Castano seven days a week. It’s amazing to see how much progress she’s made.

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These stories prove that losing weight and achieving your health goals is possible with hard work and dedication. If these stars can do it, you can!

Remember, every person’s journey is unique, so find the best plan for you. Whether it’s a combination of diet and exercise or seeking help from a medical professional, everyone can find the right path to success.

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