Gary Anthony Williams weight loss case study

If you are looking for a story to motivate you towards achieving your weight loss goal, this article is for you. How the famous Hollywood star lost 50 pounds in one year is one piece everyone on a weight loss journey should read.

Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss story might be helpful if you are struggling to find healthy ways to lose weight or need encouragement as you move towards your fitness goals.

In this case study, we learn about Gary’s exact methods to lose so many pounds in just 365 days. 

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Who is Gary Anthony Williams?

Gary Anthony Williams is an American voice artist and producer. He was born on March 14, 1966, in Fayetteville, Georgia.  

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary started his acting career in 1990 and has featured in over 100 TV shows; he is famous for Malcolm in The Middle; and The Boondocks, where he played the voice role of Uncle Ruckus. He is married to Leslie Williams.

How much did Gary Anthony Williams weigh before his weight loss journey?

Gary weighed 360 pounds before his weight loss journey began in 2001.

How did Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss journey begin?

Gary Anthony weight loss journey started in April 2001 when he visited his doctor for a physical examination. 

While on his check-up, the doctor had indirectly told Gary that he was too big for his weight-measurement scale. In his words, he said 

I can’t weigh you on this scale. It doesn’t go that high.

He further advised Gary to pay attention to his weight. He said, 

Now would be a great time to seriously get in shape.

This singular event urged Gary to devise a weight loss plan that paid off well for him.

How much weight did Gary lose?

By 2002, Gary Anthony Williams had lost 50 pounds of weight, and he lost about 8 inches from his waist level.

Gary Anthony Williams weight loss
Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss transformation

In his next Spoof movie shoot, his director, Malcolm Lee and co-actors expressed shock at his new look and even likened him to Denzel Washington. Malcolm jokingly advised him to start taking more pasta. 

Following his weight loss, Gary had to use a fat suit for the film shoot to look different from previous shows.

What did Gary Anthony Williams do to lose weight?

Gary’s sudden weight loss can be attributed to two factors – diet and exercise.


Gary’s diet played a huge role in his weight loss journey. He avoided all kinds of carbohydrates, from rice, bread, milk, potato, pasta, and sugar. 


Gary also took to running exercise to help him lose weight.

You could also try other activities such as jogging, walking long distances, and cycling.

Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss update

Gary continued to lose weight after 2001. He lost more pounds every year, and in 2018, Gary was reported to weigh 88kg or 190 pounds. This means that Gary lost as much as 155 pounds or 77.3 kg in 17 years.

While some of his fans expressed happiness over his new look, others were uncertain about their feelings and said only his voice made him recognisable. One of his fans had noted on Reddit that Gary looked younger than he was 20 years ago.


This case study shows that effective weight loss cannot be possible without paying deliberate attention to what you consume. Like Gary, adhering to a strict no-carb diet and routine workout will help you lose weight fast.

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