Get Well Gifts: Surprise Your Sick Friend With These 13 Perfectly Thoughtful Gifts

When a friend is ill, knowing how to show them you care can be difficult. A thoughtful gift can be the perfect way to show your support and let them know they are not alone in this time of need. But what kind of gift should you get?

From practical items to uplifting gifts, here are 13 ideas for gifts for a sick friend that will help brighten their day and make them feel loved during this difficult time.

Get Well Gifts Your Friend Will Appreciate

Pick a suitable gift from our 13 most thoughtful get-well gifts. Your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness behind your gesture.

1. A Care Package Gift 

Proper Good defines a care package as a box of treats and necessities, such as a pulse oximeter, a hot water bottle, or a hand sanitizer. A care package gift reminds your sick friend that you’re thinking about his health and overall welfare. Care packages usually come with a ‘get well soon’ card. Hence, anybody will feel happy to receive such a heartfelt gift.  

Sometimes, friends are miles away from each other. If this is the case, you can order a care package to show that you genuinely care and remember your friend in this challenging time. It’s a thoughtful gift you can send with just a smartphone touch. 

2. Your Friend’s Favorite Flowers  

Flowers are timeless, meaningful gifts for sick people. They symbolize optimism, hope, and healing. If you know your friend’s favorite flowers, you can order fresh ones and arrange them in a bouquet or vase. You can ask your friend’s family if you don’t know their favorite blossoms and whether your friend has any allergy to pollen. 

Flower delivery services can help express your ‘get well soon’ message to your sick friend. You can order a beautiful bouquet of white roses or tulips online or head to a physical flower shop to pick it up before you go to the hospital or your friend’s place. Related: 17 Loving Ways to Support a Friend in Addiction Recovery

3. A Smartwatch  

Smartwatches make a perfect gift for a sick friend. If your friend has been diagnosed with a heart problem or any medical condition that requires regular monitoring of vital signs, diet, or weight, then giving a smartwatch is a big help.  

Smartwatches are wearable health and fitness trackers. They have sensors and other advanced features that can provide real-time data on heart rate, breathing, blood oxygen levels, calories, and the number of steps and mileage. Moreover, a smartwatch can detect and alert the patient of an irregular heart rhythm to prevent stroke. 

4. Healthy Food Baskets  

Sick people need nutritious foods to strengthen their immunity and regain energy. Therefore, healthy food baskets are practical gifts. You can order ready-made healthy food baskets online or create one to personalize the food items you want to give to your sick friend. 

Buy a medium- or large-sized fruit basket and put nutritious foods, such as bananas, apples, nut packs, cereal boxes, milk, etc. Your friend may also have unique food preferences or requests, such as chocolates or potato chips, that you want to include. Make sure not to give anything in excess (small packs only), and remind your friend only to take small bites.  Related: 26 Healthiest Foods on Earth

5. A Relaxation Gift Box  

Being sick can be stressful. Make your friend calmer and more positive by giving them a relaxation gift box. You can order a relaxation gift box online or package one. Include tiny bottles of essential oils, scented candles, or lavender tea bags in a decorative box.  

A Himalayan salt lamp is also a great addition to a relaxation gift box. While there’s no conclusive evidence about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, many people think they can help improve air quality, sleep, and mood.  

6. Get Well Soon Card or Notebook

A card or a notebook is a practical and heartfelt gift for someone ailing. Get well soon cards are readily available online and in stores, but if you want to make it more special, consider writing your message and illustrating the card. Personalize the card by adding photos or other graphics that will remind your friend of the good times you spent together. 

You can also give a notebook as an alternative gift if your friend loves to write. It’s an excellent way to encourage them to document their recovery journey. Encourage them to express their feelings through words, sketches, and other creative ideas.

7. Adult Coloring Book

An adult coloring book is a type of art therapy for adults. It is typically composed of intricate and detailed line drawings, which they can fill with color to express creativity and evoke relaxation.

Gift your friend an adult coloring book with colored pencils or markers. Your friend can use these tools to take their mind off the medical condition and focus on creating a masterpiece, which can be calming and therapeutic for them.

8. Make a Mixtape/Playlist

Music has the power to alleviate pain. Compile a list of your friend’s favorite songs, and make a mixtape or playlist for them. You can even include pieces to help your friend cope with their illness.

Include upbeat songs, some slow, calming tunes in the compilation, and motivational music or positive messages in some tracks. Let your friend know that you are there for them, even when feeling down, and encourage them to stay strong.

9. Collage of Photos

Surround your friend with love and support by creating a collage of photos featuring their family, friends, or memorable moments. Gather digital copies of the pictures from your sick friend’s Facebook page or ask others to contribute.

Create a physical copy of the collage for them to hang up in their room, or make a digital version they can access from their computer or smartphone. Your friend will be reminded of the people who care about them and give them hope, especially during trying times.

10. Personalized Mug

Let your sick friend enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee with a personalized mug. This practical yet thoughtful gift will show them you are thinking of them, and they can use it daily as a reminder that you are there for them.

You can customize the mug by adding your friend’s name or a special message. You can also find ready-made mugs with uplifting messages that will put a smile on your friend’s face. In addition to being practical, it is also a heartfelt token of your friendship.

11. Stuffed Animal

If your friend is a child, give them a stuffed animal to make their hospital stay less lonely and more comforting. Kids can find solace in cuddling with their fluffy companions when they feel scared or homesick.

Choose an animal that your friend finds adorable and cozy. Plenty of cute stuffed animals are available online, from bears and bunnies to cats and dogs. Your friend will no doubt be delighted with this special surprise!

12. Gift Card for Groceries or Meals

If your friend is too sick to grocery shop, give them a gift card they can use for groceries or meals. This way, you can take some of the burdens off their shoulders by providing them with ready-to-eat food items.

Consider giving them a food delivery service subscription so they don’t have to worry about grocery shopping. With this, they can get the food they need without leaving their home or hospital room! Related: 21 Cheap Foods to Buy When You’re On a Budget

13. Comfy Blanket, Pillow, or Slippers

Make your friend’s hospital stay more comfortable by giving them a blanket, pillow, or pair of slippers. These items will make them feel at home and provide much-needed comfort during their recovery.

You can find plenty of cozy blankets and pillows in local stores and online. Choose your friend’s favorite color or pattern, and make sure it’s soft and comfortable. Look for slippers that are easy to wear so they don’t have to worry about bending down too much.

It’s the Gesture That Matters

These are some of the best gift ideas for someone sick or recuperating from an illness. The most important thing to remember when selecting a present is to choose something that will make your friend feel better and comfort them.

Your sick friend will be so happy and relieved with these thoughtful gifts. It doesn’t matter if you give something expensive or not—as long as it comes from the heart, they will surely appreciate your gesture of kindness!

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