Everything you wanted to know about Greekgodx weight loss

Greekgodx weight loss has attracted so much attention. How the obese YouTuber lost a huge amount of calories in one year is one story every overweight person wants to know about.

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In this article, you will discover the exact strategies Greekgodx used in his weight loss journey.

Who is Greekgodx?

Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos, popularly known as Greekgodx, was born on 5th October 1992. He is a British gamer and YouTuber. Dimitri has a net worth of over $250,000 and over 500K subscribers on Twitch.

Greekgodx is famous for playing challenging games like Fortnite Battle Royale, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and League of Legends.

How much did Greekgodx weigh before?

Before Greekgodx started his weight loss journey, he weighed as much as 369.4 pounds, equal to 167.5 kg. He decided to shed some weight when some of his fans advised him about it in April 2018.

Greekgodx weight loss transformation

How much weight has Greekgodx lost?

As of 28th April 2019, Greekgodx was reported to weigh 299.2 pounds, meaning that he lost 70 pounds in just a year.

What is the secret to Greekgodx weight loss?

Keto diet

When Greekgodx started his weight loss journey, he became more conscious of what he ate. 

He embarked on a low-carb (keto) diet; he reduced carbohydrates and replaced them with fats. 

Greekgodx also took to taking green leafy vegetables like cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower. Aside from his keto diet, these were substitutes for his carbohydrates like rice.

He also reduced the amount of meat he consumed daily and substituted his sugary drinks and caffeine with water. But because he had a low blood sugar level, he took sugary drinks sometmes.

Routine exercise 

Greekgodx also took to the gym to help him achieve his weight loss goal. His focus was treadmill exercises.

Did Greekgodx take diet pills?

No, Greekgodx strictly adhered to his keto diet and routine workouts to help him shed extra calories. 

Did Greekgodx do any weight loss surgery?

Greekgodx did not do any surgery to help him lose weight; instead, he weaned himself off carbs and started some exercise routines. He has been seen running on a treadmill in one of his YouTube videos. This exercise contributed to his weight loss.

Weight loss tips from Greekgodx

If you’re looking to lose some weight as Greekgodx did. Here are some of the tips he gave:

Watch what you eat

In one of his videos on Twitch, Greekgodx shared some of his weight loss tips.

He said, ‘First thing you can do is realize what you’re eating.’ He advised that you stick to water instead of sugary drinks if you’re overweight.

Do not give up

Consistency is the secret to effective weight loss. Stick to your weight loss diet plan, exercise routines, or whatever works for you and you’ll get amazing results in a few months.


Like Greekgodx, everyone can lose excess calories if they commit to it.

The weight loss suggestions here are based on Greekgodx weight loss experience. Before you embark on your weight loss journey, be sure to consult a health professional to decide what weight loss plan is healthy for you. A ketogenic diet is not recommended for everyone, especially if you have a serious health condition.