Health benefits of coconut water: 10 good reasons to love this drink

Coconut water is a naturally sweet and refreshing drink that many people enjoy. It’s low in calories and high in potassium, making it the perfect post-workout drink for athletes.

You can also enjoy coconut water as a healthy substitute for sugary soft drinks or fruit juices and an alternative to sports drinks such as Gatorade.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the health benefits of coconut water – so read on if you want to learn more.

10 reasons to love coconut water

1. Contains several nutrients

Coconuts contain several essential nutrients. Unflavoured coconuts contain 5.45 calories, 1.3g of sugar, 61mg of potassium, and 5.45mg of sodium. They are also rich in other nutrients like fibre, selenium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Also present are vitamins like vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6. Now that is one healthy drink!

2. It has gastroenterological properties

Coconut water helps significantly during periods of indigestion and diarrhea. Coconut water has chemical properties that soothe your stomach and make you feel better. It also aids in recovery from acid reflux. The sodium and magnesium in coconut water helps the acid-base balance of the stomach.

3. It helps your heart and blood pressure

According to Healthline, coconut water contains an impressive 600 mg of potassium in 8 ounces (240 ml). Potassium has been shown to lower blood pressure in people with high or normal blood pressure. It also contains magnesium, which helps in the maintenance of regular heart functions.

4. It helps in burning fat

One of the best bonuses of drinking coconut water regularly is that it helps you shed some pounds. Coconut water is excellent for boosting your metabolic rate. An increase in metabolism is proportional to an increase in how much fat you burn. Coconut water speeds up your metabolism and helps in your weight loss

5. Good for your hair

Coconut water is excellent for improving hair growth. It also works efficiently against dandruff and lice and gives your hair a nice sheen. The antioxidants in coconut water hydrate the hair and repair and prevent hair breakage.

Coconut water is also a good source of B vitamins and potassium, which nourishes the scalp and moisturizes it. Coconut water can be massaged directly into the scalp using hair care instructions.

You can also mix the coconut water with other hair-improvement agents like aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, etc. 

6. Hydration

Because fresh coconut water has no preservatives or added sugar, it is used by many as a natural sports drink.

Studies have shown that people can use coconut water instead of a regular sports drink to boost energy and revitalize the body. It also replenishes fluids and keeps you hydrated after a workout session.

7. It helps diabetics

Coconut water is a good source of magnesium, which has been shown to aid insulin sensitivity and cause a decrease blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

You can benefit from its low sugar content and sweetened flavour in place of fruit juices, but it should be taken responsibly. 

8. It is a hangover cure

Everyone has their ultimate hangover cure. Some rely on lemons, some black coffee, others a glass of water, but most people don’t know that coconut water is an excellent hangover remedy.  

Tiredness is a hangover symptom and this happens because the body is dehydrated. This dehydration is the body’s natural response as it metabolizes alcohol. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it flushes out the body fluids and makes it hard for the body to replenish those fluids. 

A person with a hangover will usually feel dizzy, have a splitting headache and may also vomit. 

This is where coconut water comes in. Its electrolytic compounds and potassium quickly hydrate the body and clean out hangover effects like headaches and nausea. 

9. It is perfect for your skin

This is one of the best bonuses of drinking coconut water. It is packed with a very healthy amount of cytokinins (a plant hormone) and vitamins and antioxidants that prevent rapid ageing. They also prevent free radical damage and improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. 

These hormones gradually slow the ageing process of your skin and keep you looking younger. Besides, coconut water also contains vitamin C, which aids in shielding your skin from the destructive effects of the sun and other environmental pollution. 

It also helps against acne. Coconut water has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, which help reduce the excess secretion of oils on the skin, thereby reducing acne. Coconut water hydrates and moisturizes your skin pores and prevents them from clogging up.  

You can either drink or apply it on the face to see the results.

10. Source of amino acids

Coconut water is packed with various amino acids that are very important for the metabolic process. These acids are essential during digestion and urine formation. They help prevent obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. 


Coconut water is a very healthy drink packed with vitamins, essential elements like magnesium and calcium, antioxidants and various chemicals that are good for your body and internal organs. It’s health benefits are numerous and have been scientifically proven.  

It is a nutritional drink that boosts your immune system. We recommend adding this drink to your diet plan. 

Jude Uchella is a research writer and a strong advocate for health and fitness. He takes pleasure in helping people live their best life. When he's not writing, he's probably researching the next topic to write about. :)