25 Lies You Tell Yourself When You’re Heartbroken

When a relationship ends, it can leave you feeling empty and brokenhearted. You may be going down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts and feelings. To make matters worse, you tend to lie to yourself to cope with the pain, which leads you further away from healing.

Let’s explore common lies you might tell yourself when you’re heartbroken. Recognizing these lies and replacing them with truths can help you move forward and heal from the pain.

“I’m Not Strong Enough to Get Over This”

Not strong enough
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You have all the strength within you to get through this. It may take time, but you will make it through with patience and self-care.

Recognize that you are strong and capable. You have survived painful experiences in the past, and this one will be no different.

“My Life Will Never Be Good Again”

life will never be good
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The truth is that you will be fine. You may feel like your life will never be the same, but it can improve. Constantly look forward to all the beautiful moments you’ll experience in the future, like finding new love or exploring new hobbies.

“It’s All My Fault”

its all my fault
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As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” No one person is entirely at fault for the end of a relationship. Focus on the things you can control, like your thoughts and behaviors, rather than trying to fix something out of your power.

“I’m Not Worth Loving”

not worth loving
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Always know that you are valuable and worthy of love. Everyone has flaws, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not lovable. Everyone deserves love, and there is no exception to that rule. You are worth loving, and one day someone will come into your life to show you how valuable you are.

“It Was Their Fault That It Ended”

their fault
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You cannot blame the other party for what happened in the relationship. You also had a part to play; it takes two to make or break a relationship. Be introspective. Look to know what you did, what you should have done, and what you can do to improve so the next person doesn’t suffer the same fate.

“No One Will Ever Love Me Again”

no one will love
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The truth is that there are plenty of people out there who will love you. You may have to wait to meet them, but keeping an open mind and heart is essential. Let go of the pain from the past relationship and focus on yourself. You will find love again, and it may even be better than the last.

“I’m Never Going to Be Happy Again”

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It’s okay to feel pain when a relationship ends, and it’s essential to go through the emotions of heartbreak, but that doesn’t mean your happiness is gone forever. You may not feel it right now, but eventually, the pain will pass, and you will be happy again.

“Nobody Else Can Feel This Pain”

feel this pain
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Contrary to this lie, everyone experiences pain and heartache in one way or another. Just because your experience overwhelms you does not mean you are isolated. It might feel like you’re the only one going through heartbreak, but many people have gone through it and will go through it in the future. You are never alone in your pain.

“I’m Broken Beyond Repair”

beyond repair
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Your past relationship may have broken your heart, but it can heal. Give yourself time to recover, and you will eventually come out on the other side stronger than before. The healing process may take time and effort, but always know that it is possible to mend the broken pieces of your heart, and you will be happy again.

“I’ve Lost My Ex Forever”

lost forever
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There is always hope for reconciliation, closure, or forgiveness. Although you may be apart now, it doesn’t mean that your ex is gone forever. With time and healing, there may be a chance to reconnect and find peace with that person. Remember that anything is possible, and you should never give up hope.

“I’ll Never Find Someone Like Them Again”

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There are limitless possibilities when it comes to relationships. It may seem like your ex was the one, but you never know who will come into your life in the future. You may find someone even better or realize they were not as perfect as you thought. This lie is one to keep aside.

“No One Can Ever Make Me Feel How They Made Me Feel”

no one can make me feel how they
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The feelings and emotions you experienced in the relationship were not unique and can be replicated. Open yourself up to love again; you may find someone who can make you feel even more special and unique than before.

Just because the relationship ended doesn’t mean you have to wallow in sorrow and never open up again. You can find someone else.

“Our Shared Dreams Have to Die”

dream has to die
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Your dreams and aspirations do not have to die together with a relationship’s end. You can still pursue the same goals, just in a different way. Without your ex, the dream might seem impossible to accomplish, but you can still make them into reality.

You are strong and capable of achieving anything with or without someone else’s help. Even if the relationship ends, don’t let the dreams die too. Hold onto them.

“We Can Fix It”

fix this
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This lie is a dangerous one to tell yourself. Sometimes, a relationship is beyond repair, and if it’s not healthy for either of you, it’s better to let it go. Trying to fix the relationship without hope can only lead to further pain. You must understand that not all things can be fixed.

“Things Weren’t as Bad as I Thought They Were”

not as bad
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This lie shows that you are still in denial and can be highly damaging. It’s easy to romanticize a past relationship, especially when it was passionate or intense.

However, it’s important to remember the truth and accept that there were problems and issues in the relationship. Trying to ignore or minimize them can only lead you to further heartache.

Acknowledge the issues and accept that things were not as perfect.

“Relationships Are Always Difficult”

always difficult
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Due to heartbreaks, it might seem to you that all relationships are always tricky and overwhelming. This is hardly true and is not to be expected. All relationships are unique and require effort and compromise from both partners.

Remember that all relationships can be rewarding and fulfilling, and it’s worth putting in the work to make them successful.

“I Should’ve Waited Until After the Holidays Before Breaking Up”

should have waited vacation
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It can be tempting to delay a break up until after the holidays, especially if you want to avoid upset or disrupting family gatherings. However, staying in a relationship to avoid awkwardness or discomfort is wrong.

You deserve to be in a healthy, happy relationship, and if that isn’t possible, then it’s better to end things sooner rather than later.

“I Should Talk to Anyone About It”

i should talk to everyone
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Talking to anyone who will listen about the end of your relationship is appealing, but this is dangerous. Only some people have your best interests in mind or the right advice.

It’s important to talk to someone who you trust and who can give you unbiased and sound advice. Talking to friends and family can be helpful, but speaking to a professional is essential.

“I Shouldn’t Talk to Anyone About It”

dont want to talk to anyone
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You might not feel the need to tell anyone about what happened, thinking it is best to keep it yourself to avoid gossip and the like. However, bottled emotions can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness which is detrimental to your well-being.

Reach out to a trusted friend or family; better still, speak with a professional. This will provide relief and help you smoothly sail through the heartbreak phase.

“Maybe I Should Reach Out to Them”

maybe i should reach out
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Reaching out to your ex to make things right or to ensure they are okay could pop up in your head now and then, but remember that the relationship ended for a reason, and reaching out could result in further heartache and pain.

It’s important to respect your ex’s decision and give them the space they need to move on.

“We Were Always Happy”

always happy
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No relationship is perfect. Even if you had some great memories together, it doesn’t mean there weren’t any problems or issues in the relationship. Acknowledging the highs and lows of your relationship, rather than romanticizing it, will help you move forward healthily.

“My Ex Must Not Have Ever Really Loved Me”

not have loved me
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It is natural to feel unloved and unwanted after a breakup, but this does not mean that your ex never loved you. Your ex may have loved you, but sometimes relationships don’t work out, and it’s not always indicative of a lack of love.

It is important to remember that there were likely other issues in the relationship aside from love, which ultimately caused it to end.

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