The Most Disgusting Foods in Germany

Even the popular German cuisine has dishes that may seem unappetizing to foreigners, due to their unfamiliar look or texture. Here are some considered "disgusting".


Schweinshaxe, a renowned Bavarian dish also called pig knuckle, doesn't look attractive but tastes delicious. It's marinated in beer and spices, then roasted to crispy perfection.


Blutwurst, or blood sausage, is a favored German dish made from pork and pig’s blood, possessing a unique dark hue. Despite seeming unappealing, it's delicious when paired with sauerkraut or potatoes.


Sülze, or head cheese/brawn, is a cold-cut meat from an animal's gelatinous head parts. The meat is cooked and set in aspic, served cold with bread and pickles. It's a traditional German dish available in many German restaurants and markets.


Labskaus, a traditional Northern German dish, features mashed potatoes, corned beef, beetroot, and pickles. Its unique pink hue hides a delicious comfort food, popular since the 18th century.


Metzelsuppe, a "butcher’s soup," is a hearty stew made from parts of the pig like liver, heart, and lungs. Cooked with vegetables and spices, served with bread, it's a popular winter dish in Germany.


Kutteln, also known as tripe soup, is a traditional German dish from cow's stomach lining. It can be fried with onions or stewed with veggies and spices. Despite its texture and aroma, it's a delicacy in many German regions.


Saumagen, or “sow’s stomach,” is a dish from Germany's Palatinate region; a pig's stomach filled with pork meat, potatoes, and spices then boiled or roasted. Despite its appearance, its popularity has led to a festival in Bad Dürkheim.


Matjes, or soused herring, is a brined dish popular in north Germany, featuring young herring, salt, vinegar, and sugar, served with onions and bread. The smell may not appeal to all.


Liverwurst, a spreadable cold cut of pork liver and other meats, is a popular delicacy in Germany, available as pâté or sliced on bread.


Weisswurst, a "white sausage," is a Bavarian breakfast fare of veal and pork. Typically served with sweet mustard and pretzels, its white color comes from boiling, not smoking. It's a German staple.

Rote Grütze

Rote Grütze, translating to "red grits", is a beloved German dessert made by cooking cherries, raspberries, strawberries with sugar and cornstarch into a thick sauce, served chilled with vanilla or cream.


Leberkäse, or “liver cheese,” is a pork, beef, and bacon meatloaf. Typically served sliced with mustard and bread, or in sandwiches. Despite its name, it contains no liver.

Gefilte Fish

Gefilte fish, a traditional Jewish dish, is popular in Germany. Made by mixing ground fish with spices, it's a tasty appetizer found at German markets and delis.


"Schneeballen," popular pastries from Bavaria, Germany, are deep-fried shortcrust dough balls covered in powdered sugar, chocolate, or other toppings, adored by locals and tourists.

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