15 Foods That Can Increase Your Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be due to genetics or lifestyle. However, diet is often a neglected factor. Certain foods can raise blood pressure risk.

Salty Snacks

Salty snacks have high sodium which leads to water retention, increased blood pressure, and over time, hypertension.

Canned Soups

Canned soups with high sodium content can contribute to hypertension. Manufacturers add sodium to improve flavor and longevity, leading to increased blood volume and hypertension.

Processed Meats

Processed meats are high in sodium from curing, smoking, or salting and contain preservatives like nitrates, which can increase blood pressure.


Pickles, preserved in salt/vinegar brine, have high sodium content. This causes water retention, raising blood volume and increasing blood pressure.

Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables are seen as healthy due to convenience and longevity. But, they contain high sodium levels used for preservation. This introduces excess sodium to the body.

Red Meat

Red meat, especially non-lean cuts, is high in fats that can lead to a buildup of cholesterol, causing artery hardening and hypertension.

Fast Food

Fast food, rich in sodium and saturated fat, impacts hypertension. Sodium increases water retention in the body, leading to high blood pressure.

Sugary Beverages

Sugary drinks are loaded with fructose causing increased uric acid. This harms nitric oxide production leading to blood pressure rise, increasing hypertension risk.

Alcohol Overindulgence

Moderate alcohol can be beneficial, but excess can lead to hypertension due to its disruptive interaction with the central nervous system and heart.

White Bread

White bread, made from refined flour, lacks nutritious dietary fiber, leading to rapid digestion, absorption, increased blood sugar, and insulin levels. 

Full-Fat Dairy

Full-fat dairy is high in saturated fats which increase 'bad' cholesterol (LDL). This leads to blood vessel blockage, increasing hypertension risk.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce, popular in many cuisines, can lead to hypertension due to its high sodium content that increases blood pressure. Find out more.


Excessive caffeine can temporarily spike blood pressure by blocking a hormone that keeps arteries widened, causing them to narrow.

Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are convenient but can lead to hypertension due to high sodium content, causing water retention in your body.


Excessive candy consumption contributes to hypertension by causing weight gain, insulin resistance, and hyperglycemia, triggering increased heart rate.

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