15 Items to Never Purchase at American Wholesale Clubs

Americans flock to wholesale clubs for the savings and value in bulk buying and big discounts. However, caution is advised as not all items offer quality and value.


Wholesale clubs might offer good deals on electronics, but often carry limited and outdated models. Research and compare prices before purchasing.


Wholesale clubs aren't famous for fresh produce due to large quantities sold and lower turnover rate. It's best to stick to your local grocery store for fresh produce.

Dairy Products

Dairy products at wholesale clubs have longer shelf lives but may not be as fresh as those at regular grocery stores, affecting taste and quality.


Despite attractive prices, wholesale club clothing may not always be the best value. Quality and construction can be lacking, shortening the item's lifespan.

Kitchen Appliances

Wholesale clubs offer deals on small kitchen appliances. However, their quality may not be as durable as those in retail stores. Consider their longevity before purchasing.

Cleaning Supplies

Buying cleaning supplies in bulk may seem smart, but they have a limited shelf life. Buying too much can lead to waste and possibly cost more eventually.

Pet Food

Buy pet food considering your pet’s needs. Bulk purchases from wholesale clubs may spoil before your pet consumes all.


OTC meds are available at wholesale clubs, but consult your doctor before purchasing. Packaging and dosages could differ, possibly causing harm.

Perishable Foods

Buying perishable foods in bulk is risky due to their short shelf life. It's best to avoid this unless you have a large household or are hosting an event.


Buying furniture at wholesale clubs can be cheaper, but the quality may be lower and not last as long as pieces from reputable furniture stores.

Fresh Meat

Wholesale clubs offer big meat discounts, but mind the dates. Buying in bulk can lead to waste and health risks if consumed post-expiration.

Beauty Products

Wholesale club beauty products may differ in quality from drugstore ones. Stick with trusted brands and check expiry dates before buying.


Wholesale clubs might have competitive tire prices but limited selection and require expertise for installation. A specialized tire shop is preferable for this purchase.

Gift Cards

Buying gift cards at wholesale clubs may seem handy, but they often have restrictions. Buying directly from the retailer/restaurant avoids potential issues.


Be cautious buying alcohol at wholesale clubs due to the large quantities that may lead to waste and overspending on items not regularly consumed.

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