15 Items to Never Purchase at an American Outlet Mall

US outlet malls lure shoppers with tempting discounts on various products. But remember, not every appealing deal is a real bargain.


Research before buying electronics; outlet malls often sell refurbished or older models which may lack latest features or have hidden defects.

Designer Handbags

Beware of outlet malls for designer bags. Brands often use inferior materials for these lines. It's smarter to buy authentic pieces from regular retail stores.


Beware when buying fragrances at outlet malls due to authenticity doubts, storage duration lowering potency, and risk of counterfeit products hurting your health and skin. Buy from authorized retailers.


Outlet malls offer discounted shoes, but their quality may vary than regular retail stores. Despite higher cost, investing in higher-quality shoes ensures durability.


Start planning your next beach vacation, but steer clear of outlet mall swimwear. As they use cheap materials, these swimsuits may not fit or flatter well.


Avoid buying undergarments and lingerie from outlets. They require high-quality materials and precise measurements for comfort, which outlets may lack.


Cosmetics may be tempting to buy at mall outlets, but beware. Products may be expired, ineffective, or counterfeit, potentially harming your skin. Always buy from authorized retailers.


Buying discounted bedding at outlet malls may seem enticing, but it might lack comfort and durability. These items often use cheaper materials than regular retail products.

Kitchen Appliances

Outlet malls may offer discounted kitchen appliances, but their quality can differ from regular retail stores. They may have defects or lack features, so research before buying.

Children’s Clothing

Outlet malls offer kids’ clothes at reduced prices, but quality can be a concern as they may use cheap materials. Prioritize comfort, safety and invest in higher quality items.

Outdoor Gear

Outlet malls are ideal for discounted outdoor gear. Be prudent; the quality may need to surpass regular retail products.


Outlet mall jewelry has attractive discounted prices, yet consider their quality. These pieces are often built for outlet stores and may vary in caliber from regular retail pieces.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment is a big investment. Check before buying from outlets; the products might be old or refurbished models that didn't sell well in retail.

Winter Coats

Outlet malls offer discounted winter coats, but their quality and durability may not match up to those from regular retail stores.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches from outlet malls may lack quality compared to authorized retailers. Investing in a genuine piece is safer than risking an outlet purchase.

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