10 Overrated Food Trends That Are Making the Menu Miserable

The food sector constantly changes with trends, some enhancing our dining experience, others, despite hype, often fail to impress, spoiling the menu.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast, once a basic healthy choice, is now an ubiquitous, pricey trend on breakfast menus. Often laden with expensive toppings, it's more about fashion than food enjoyment.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is used in desserts and cocktails for dramatic, smoky effects. Though it freezes food quickly and adds visual fun, it doesn't affect flavor. This trend is overrated, favoring spectacle over taste or dish quality.

Acai Bowls

Acai bowls with sugary granola, sweetened fruits, and syrups overpower acai berry's health benefits. Their high sugar and cost prioritize looks and popularity over nutrition.

Unicorn Foods

The unicorn food trend, featuring rainbow bagels to glittery lattes, prioritizes mesmerizing looks over nutritious value, filled with artificial colors and sweetness.

Matcha Everything

Matcha, a Japanese green tea, has gained popularity in lattes and desserts. This trend has led to diluted matcha flavors and fewer health benefits due to minimal matcha and excessive sugar usage.

Butter and Cheese Overload

Butter and cheese, overused ingredients in trendy dishes like mac & cheese, grilled cheese have turned comfort foods into unhealthy indulgence.

Charcoal-Infused Foods

Charcoal-infused foods claim to offer detox benefits, but lack scientific evidence. They can limit nutrient absorption and might be harmful to health.

Quinoa Craze

Quinoa, a superfood, is frequently used as a trendy ingredient, diminishing its nutritional value. Its popularity has led to food waste and limited choices for those with dietary restrictions.

Overpriced Superfood Smoothies

Superfood smoothies' popularity has led to high prices in many cafes and restaurants. Despite their nutritious contents, their cost makes them an overrated health trend.

Excessive Decorative Garnishes

Some restaurants overuse garnishes for aesthetic, leading to food waste and added costs for customers, rather than enhancing flavor.

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