10 Reasons Why People Are Staying Away From Apples

Apples, versatile fruits and high in nutrients and fiber, can be eaten raw/cooked or mixed in dishes. They offer numerous health benefits, yet recently faced a dip in popularity.


Apples, one of the most pesticide-laden fruits, pose health risks like cancer and hormonal imbalance even after thorough washing, especially in children.

High Sugar Content

Apples, healthier than soda or candy, contain considerable sugar. For health reasons such as diabetes or weight management, some may avoid apples to prevent blood sugar spikes.


Apple prices have soared due to inflation and higher production costs, leading consumers to seek cheaper alternatives like bananas or oranges.

Impact on Teeth

Apples, high in acidity and natural sugars, can cause tooth decay over time due to enamel erosion. Some people avoid apples to protect their dental health.

Preference for Exotic Varieties

With globalization, we now have more options for fruits and vegetables. Apart from apples, trying exotic varieties like dragon fruit or starfruit can be a refreshing change.

Environmental Impact Considerations

Environmentally conscious consumers favor local, seasonal fruits over apples due to concerns about the carbon footprint from their production & transportation.

Digestive Sensitivities

Some have reported bloating and gas post apple consumption. This could be due to high fiber content or sensitivity to FODMAPs.


Depending on location, fresh apples might not be available, leading consumers to choose other seasonal options or convenient alternatives like frozen or canned fruit.

Allergy Concerns

Apples have proteins that may trigger allergies, ranging from mild symptoms like itching, to severe like anaphylaxis. Those allergic generally avoid this fruit.

Weight Gain

Misinformation about apples could lead to overconsumption which could lead to unexpected weight gain mainly due to their sugar content.

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