10 Shocking Truths About Drinking Bottled Water Every Day

World's health alertness has led to bottled water popularity. Yet, shocking truths about its effects on health and environment may make you rethink its usage.

It’s Not Necessarily Safer

Bottled water isn't necessarily safer than tap water. Many brands use municipal water supplies, and unlike tap water regulated by the EPA, bottled water is less strictly monitored by FDA. Companies aren't required to disclose their water source or possible contaminants.

It’s Costly

Bottled water is costlier than tap water, impacting both consumers' wallets and the environment. It's a billion-dollar industry in the US. Read More

It’s Not Environmentally Friendly

Plastic bottles harm the environment, contributing to pollution & wasting resources. Only 9% are recycled. Consider alternatives [source].

It May Contain Microplastics

Recent studies reveal bottled water may contain microplastics, harmful to human health, leaching from the bottle or present in the water source.

It Can Be Contaminated

Despite regulations, contaminants like bacteria and arsenic are found in bottled water. They can leach into the water and harm consumption.

The Bottles Can Release Chemicals

Plastic used in bottles can release harmful chemicals linked to health issues like hormonal imbalances and reproductive problems. These can enter the water if the bottle faces heat or sunlight.

It’s Not Always Purified

"Bottled water labels with terms like “purified” or “natural spring” may not be more purified than tap water. These terms are unregulated.

Plastic Water Bottles Vary in Material and Sustainability

Not all plastic bottles are equal. Their materials can impact the environment. Some take longer to break down and may release harmful chemicals. Even biodegradable bottles need specific conditions to decompose.

It May Not Hydrate You as Well as Tap Water

Studies suggest tap water hydrates better than bottled due to higher mineral content, making the body retain water better.

Bottled Water Wastes Water

Producing a bottle of water takes thrice the water amount & high energy, causing environmental harm. Learn More

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