16 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Billions of pounds of food are wasted annually, impacting the world financially, environmentally, and in the fight against hunger. By adopting sustainable strategies, we can reduce food waste.

Store Potatoes in Dark, Cool Locations

Store potatoes in a dark, well-ventilated place at room temperature to prevent solanine production. Avoid humidity to prevent fast sprouting and store in paper bags to prolong shelf life.

Plan Meals in Advance

Scheduling weekly meals and creating a grocery list prevents overbuying and impulse purchases, allowing for efficient ingredient use and reducing food waste.

Buy What You Need

Avoid purchasing perishable items in bulk if you can't consume them before spoilage. Opt for smaller portions to better manage supplies and reduce waste.

Check Expiration Dates

When shopping for groceries, prioritize products with the nearest expiration dates to minimize waste and save money. Also, inspect for signs of spoilage or damaged packaging.

Donate to Food Banks

Donate non-perishable items to food banks to reduce waste & support the less fortunate. Many organizations distribute these to those in need.

Compost Scraps

Composting is an eco-friendly method to reduce food waste. Use a compost bin or pile in your backyard to create nutrient-rich soil for gardening.

Don’t Use Trays in Buffet-Style Settings

Buffet-style setups often lead to food waste due to over-serving on trays. Removing trays encourages mindful eating and portion control, reducing leftover food.

Use Reusable Containers

Use reusable containers for food storage and transport to reduce waste and disposable packaging. These containers keep food fresh for longer.

Try Pickling and Fermenting

Pickling and fermenting extend food's life and add flavor. Experiment by pickling veggies or fermenting fruits like apples and grapes for tasty, healthy snacks.

Get Creative With Cooking

Get creative in the kitchen to cut food waste. Choose versatile recipes and substitute ingredients you have on hand. Less excess food purchases, more tasty new dishes.

Repurpose Stale Bread

Stale bread can be reused in various tasty ways. It can make croutons for salads, breadcrumbs for coating, bread pudding, French toast, or bread salad like Italian Panzanella.

Air Out Your Garlic

Store garlic at room temperature in a ventilated area, not in sealed containers or plastic bags. Peeled or chopped garlic should be refrigerated and used within a few days.

Store Tomatoes Upside Down at Room Temperature

Tomatoes ripen post-pick due to ethylene production. Store them upside down to slow ripening and extend shelf life by a few days.

Freeze Fresh Herbs in Oil

Preserve fresh herbs by freezing them in oil. Chop the herbs, put them in an ice cube tray, fill with oil, and freeze. Use the cubes in soups, stews, or sauces.

Use All Parts of Fruits and Vegetables

Many parts of fruits and veggies like stems, leaves, and peels can be used in cooking. Carrot tops can make pesto sauce, and broccoli stalks can be added to stir-fries or soups.

Take Inventory

Before grocery shopping, inventory what you have to prevent overbuying and food spoilage. A well-organized fridge and pantry make this easier.

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