11 Weird Laws and Rules About Food in Other Countries

Countries enforce food rules for consumer safety. However, some introduce odd restrictions that dumbfound foreigners. Discover 11 peculiar global food laws you didn't know existed.

No Ketchup for School Lunch (France)

France banned ketchup in schools to maintain integrity of French cuisine and promote appreciation of traditional dishes.

No Chewing Gum (Singapore)

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore to protect public property. Major disruptions to transit systems led to this law. Selling or importing can lead to fines or jail.

No Eating While Walking (Japan)

In Japan, eating while walking is discouraged due to cultural values of mindfulness and etiquette. Eating is a respected experience, demanding undivided attention.

No Eating in Public on Ramadan (UAE)

During Ramadan, non-Muslims in the UAE are legally required not to eat or drink publicly. Failure to comply could result in penalties. Read more

No Eating on Church Steps (Italy)

Eating on church steps in Italy is seen as disrespectful and is illegal. This law aims to protect religious sites from misuse by tourists and locals. Learn More

No Eating Haggis (USA)

Haggis, a Scottish dish, is banned in the U.S. due to its ingredients not meeting food safety standards, causing controversy among its fans.

Garlic Banned in Buckingham Palace (UK)

"Garlic is banned in Buckingham Palace. The rule, set by Queen Elizabeth I due to her dislike of its smell, is still strictly enforced today."

Don’t Feed the Pigeons (Italy)

In Florence, feeding pigeons can result in a 500 euro fine to protect historic buildings from damage. Don't feed the birds during your visit!

Don’t Eat Fried Chicken With Forks (Gainesville, Georgia)

In Gainesville, Georgia, eating fried chicken without hands is banned to uphold their claim as “Chicken Capital of the World" during their Spring Chicken Festival. Remember this when you visit!

Carrying Durian in Asian Public Transport

In many Asian countries, durian (a pungent fruit) can't be carried on public transport due to its strong smell. However, it can now be taken if securely wrapped.

Don’t Eat Watermelon in Parks (Beech Grove, Indiana)

Watermelon eating in parks is banned in Beech Grove, Indiana to prevent littering. Violators face up to $200 fine. Enjoy it at home instead.

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