Is running 4 miles a day healthy?

Absolutely! Running 4 miles every day is healthy and does your body a lot of good. Aside from helping you keep fit, running 4 miles a day aids in easy blood circulation around your body.

In this article, you will discover all you need to know about running 4 miles every day; the time duration involved, health benefits, dietary requirements, as well as the risks associated with this routine. Let’s dive in.

How long does it take to run 4 miles?

If you have a schedule for your everyday life, you may want to know how much time you’ll spend doing this exercise. 

On average, it takes about 45 minutes to run 4 miles. Though, as you get used to running, you may begin to spend less than 45 minutes. Either way, it is recommended that you run at a comfortable pace; this will even make your workout more fun.

What are the health benefits of running 4 miles every day?

Besides helping you stay fit and easy circulation of blood, see other benefits of running:

  1. It reduces the risk of developing a chronic disease. 
  2. It makes your muscles stronger 
  3. You tend to think better as a result of increased blood supply to your brain.
  4. It helps you sleep better
  5. It relieves stress and gives you a better mood.

Can I run more than 4 miles a day? Is it healthy?

According to health experts, running more than 30 miles a week can be dangerous to your health. Studies have shown that running lowers the risk of developing diseases and conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. However, these health benefits wane as more miles are covered each day, and the individual may even begin to develop some of these diseases. 

Will I lose weight if I run 4 miles a day?

Yes! You definitely will lose some weight. Taking up a running routine is one way to rid your body of excess calories.

How much weight will I lose if I run 4 miles a day?

You should expect to lose around one pound of weight when you start your running routine. One pound is about 0.45kg which is approximately 3500 calories.

However, as your body gets accustomed to running 4 miles every day, you will reach a point where you no longer have to lose weight. Instead, you will stay fit.

While you work on losing some weight by running, other weight-loss tips must be kept in place. Don’t skip breakfast, cut down on alcohol, don’t over-eat, and avoid junk foods.

How many calories do I need to run 4 miles a day?

It varies according to gender and age.

People who run more than 3 miles daily are termed ‘active’ adults. 

Taking the right amount of calories is necessary to keep your energy level intact as running requires strength. 

According to the 2015 Dietary guidelines for Americans, active males between the ages of 19 to 30 should take 3000 calories daily. Females within that age bracket are expected to consume about 2400 calories daily.

An active male of 31 to 50 years is expected to consume about 2800 – 3000 calories daily. If he is above 50 years and above, he must take between 2400 – 2800 calories per day to maintain his health.

Similarly, an active female between the ages of 31 to 50 should take around 2200 calories daily. If she is over 50 years, the number of calories required is 2000 – 2200 calories.

The dietary requirement above is only a guideline. The truth is, your caloric requirement will change as your weight changes. For one pound of your body weight, you will need 18 calories. This means that if, for instance, you weigh 140kg, you will need 1120 (140 × 18) calories.

When is it okay to run 4 miles a day?

Advisably, you should only run 4 miles every day when you have comfortably covered at least 2 miles daily in the last couple of weeks.

If you have not been running before, starting to run 4 miles every day might be dangerous. This is because your legs do not have the strength to withstand such strenuous activity. Start by running 1 – 2 miles a day, and then gradually increase to 3-4 miles.

When is it NOT okay to run 4 miles a day?

While running, you may get injured, and this is not a good time to go for another run. Instead, take some time off running so that your wound can heal properly.

Also, when you feel sick or have any symptoms of illness, stay indoors rather than going for your workout.

What do I need to run 4 miles a day?

Even though you’re not engaging in any competition by running, running with the right equipment will do you some good. 

Below are some recommended equipment for running 4 miles every day

  1. Running shoes. Using shoes designed for running will make you even more comfortable in your workout.
  2. Athletic socks.
  3. Reusable water bottle. This ensures that you do not become dehydrated during workouts.
  4. Light clothing for hot weather.
  5. Winter running jackets for cold weather.

What are the associated risks of running 4 miles a day?

Running is a strenuous activity. Your body may begin to show some signs of tiredness with time.

Also, you may sustain some mild injuries along the way.

Some health tips to take note of

Here are some tips to take note of in your routine of running 4 miles a day.

  1. Take plenty of water. It would help if you took plenty of water during the day as running can make you sweat. Taking lots of fluid will help you to stay hydrated.
  2. Eat well. Take fruits and vegetables. Taking calcium-rich foods will help to keep your bones strong.
  3. Use good running shoes. This will reduce the risk of having injuries. If your running shoes are worn out, make plans to replace them before your next workout.
  4. Have rest days, as this will help your body recover from the routine exercise.


Running 4 miles every day is one good way to take off some calories. If you’re looking for an exercise that will help you achieve your weight loss goal, then you should consider running 4 miles every day. Remember to run at a pace that is convenient for you.

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