Kevin Belton weight loss success story

Many people desperately want to lose weight and achieving that goal can sometimes become frustrating and seemingly impossible.

That’s why it’s always inspiring to find and discuss the journey of people who have already accomplished their weight loss goals and see what we can learn from them.

We previously looked at Kevin James weight loss journey, and today, we’re going to analyze Kevin Belton weight loss story and find out what positives we can take from it.

Who is Kevin Belton?

Kevin Belton is a chef, television host, author, and teacher at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

He is the morning chef for WWL-TV and the chef-host of “Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Celebrations” and “Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen” on PBS.

Although he was already a celebrity, Kevin Belton became even more popular after his significant weight loss.

He lost over 130 pounds within two years, and this got people itching to find out how the New Orleans chef achieved this.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Kevin Belton’s weight loss and what you can learn from it.

Kevin Belton weight loss journey

Kevin had previously stated that the inspiration for his weight loss was that he discovered he was Pre-diabetic and had rising blood pressure.

Kevin added that this compelled him and his wife to take drastic action to protect his health.

Many speculated over his methods, suggesting that gastric bypass surgery was the reason for this drastic weight loss.

It was amidst these rumors that Kevin took to social media to share his weight loss secrets. 

kevin belton weight loss transformation
Kevin Belton’s weight loss transformation. The renowned chef lost 130 pounds.

What is Kevin Belton’s weight loss secret?

On the 1st of September, 2019, in response to speculations by fans, Kevin shared via his Twitter account (@ChefKevinBelton) –

“It has taken me over two years, but I’ve lost 130 pounds. I exercise every day with my wife and puppy, Cookie Monster.

I eat low carb (not no carb because that’s just not for me) and a lot smaller portions. It’s taken a long time and been hard but worth it.”

Exercise, a low carb diet, and smaller portions were all he needed to shed 130Ibs.

Kevin Belton’s methods were so successful that the chef posted photos of clothes he was giving away on Facebook due to his weight loss.

So, what can you learn from Kevin Belton’s experience?

Lessons from Kevin Belton weight loss journey

We have highlighted five key nuggets to take away from Kevin Belton weight loss journey to help you on your weight loss journey.

1. Exercise

Kevin Belton stated that he exercised every day with his wife, which was undoubtedly a huge contributor to his success. 

Increased exercise raises the number of calories your body burns for energy.

A calorie deficit is created when you burn calories via regular exercise while also lowering the number of calories you eat.

Just 30 minutes of exercise daily is enough to lose some pounds.

In the late 1970s, Kevin Belton was a football player at Louisiana State University before moving to Xavier.

He also tried pro football, but injuries suffered during training camp with the San Diego Chargers put a stop to his athletic career before it could take off.

From his history, we can tell that physical exercise wasn’t new to Kevin.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start exercising too with these simple home workout routines.

2. Low carbs diet

Kevin Belton said that he switched to a low-carb diet.

As you might’ve guessed, high-carb foods are foods you should avoid if you’re trying to lose weight.

Reducing carbohydrates tends to suppress your hunger and result in effortless weight reduction.

A low-carb diet allows some people to eat till they are content while still losing weight.

The amount of carbohydrates a person should consume each day to lose weight depends on their age, gender, body type, and degree of exercise.

Here are nine foods that support your weight loss journey

3. Smaller portion size

In addition to switching to a low-carb diet, Kevin Belton also reduced the amount of food he ate.

He didn’t starve himself; he simply ate smaller portions. This distinction is important because sometimes people starve themselves to lose weight, which leads to unhealthy weight loss.

It’s also worth noting that it’s not a smart weight loss technique to exercise while neglecting your diet or food portions.

You must either burn more calories than you consume or consume fewer calories than your body requires each day to lose weight.

4. Discipline

This lesson is present in every successful weight loss journey.

No matter how good your plans look on paper, the only way you’ll see real change is by sticking to the plans you’ve drafted and not giving up when it gets hard because it will get hard.

Suppose you exercise every day for a week and stop, or start a low-carb diet and return to high-calorie foods a week later. These inconsistencies won’t give you the desired results.

Kevin Belton chose his weight-loss method, started his weight loss journey and was consistent in its implementation.

Consistency and discipline are paramount in any weight loss journey.

5. Suitable weight loss strategy

Kevin Belton emphasized that he switched to a low-carb diet and NOT a no-carb diet because it simply didn’t suit him.

This is an excellent lesson because people are very diverse, and different methods have different effects on us.

It’s also worth mentioning that perhaps the reason why Kevin Belton was successful was that he chose a weight loss technique he could manage and be consistent at.

Navy SEAL training would undoubtedly help anyone lose weight, but it’s simply not a sustainable or suitable technique for everyone?

Try to tailor your weight loss journey to specific needs, likes, and abilities.

A final note

Kevin Belton proves that anyone can achieve their dream weight with strategy, hard work, dedication, and discipline.

Are you ready to take that necessary first step to accomplish your weight loss goals?

Like Kevin Belton, you need to be willing and consistent with your chosen weight loss methods.

To start with, here’s a quick and healthy way to lose 5kg.

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