20 Disastrous Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

Addiction can make you lie to yourself and others. These lies can be damaging, as they prevent you from getting the help you need and create a cycle of self-sabotage. By understanding these lies, you can create a better environment for healing. Here are the most common lies addicts tell and how you can move forward with your recovery to break the cycle of addiction.

“I Don’t Have a Problem”

dont have a problem
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By denying that you are struggling with an addiction, you can convince yourself everything is all right and avoid getting the help you need. This lie can lead to even much worse conditions and make you a potential threat to those around you.

“I Can Quit Anytime I Want”

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Thinking that you can quit your addiction whenever you want is the biggest lie of them all. For those in the throes of an addiction, quitting isn’t easy and it takes help from loved ones and a professional to break the cycle.

“I’m Not Hurting Anyone but Myself”

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You are not the only victim of addiction, your family and friends are deeply affected by it as well. Denying this truth will only complicate your situation further. From neglect to emotional stress to potential physical harm, your loved ones are not spared. Own up to the problem, facing them squarely.

“I’m Not an Addict; I Just Do this to Cope With Stress”

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This is a common lie addicts tell themselves to justify their behavior and convince themselves that it isn’t a problem. Addiction is a medical condition and it will not get better by itself. The only way to cope with addiction and its underlying causes is to seek treatment from a physician or mental health professional.

“I Can Handle This on My Own”

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You may convince yourself that you don’t need outside help and sometimes deny your addiction, but it’s a lie to isolate yourself from friends and family. Addiction thrives in secrecy and is a complex condition requiring professional help. There are a variety of evidence-based treatments and programs available that can help you cope with the recovery process. You don’t have to go at it alone.

“It Doesn’t Matter if I Slip up Once in a While”

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This lie allows you to permit yourself to indulge, which can quickly lead you back down a dangerous path. Once you admit to addiction, commit to abstaining from activities and substances associated with your addiction. One slip-up is one too many. Seek out professional help and find the strength to stay away from your addiction for good.

“I’m Better Than Other People”

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Addiction is an individual struggle, and your journey to recovery is unique, so you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and think that their problem is much worse. Everyone in recovery is struggling and fighting their own battle. Celebrate your successes, build on your strengths, encourage yourself through difficult periods, and stay on the path to recovery.

“I’ll Control My Addiction This Time”

this time
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Convincing yourself that you can manage your addiction without external help never works. You need to establish a support system and increase your accountability so you don’t fall. Getting professional help and joining a recovery program are the best ways to increase your chances of beating addiction.

“I Don’t Need to Go to Therapy; I Can Just Quit on My Own”

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Addiction is a complex condition, and your recovery should not solely depend on willpower. You can hardly come out of addiction by yourself, so you need people who share the same goal to help and spur you on. You must regularly attend meetings, therapy sessions, and other forms of care as prescribed by your healthcare provider. This will help you put back the pieces of your life together.

“I’m Too Busy Right Now to Focus on Recovery”

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You can hardly break free from addiction by filling your free time with activities that have nothing to do with your recovery. Doing this will put your progress on the back burner and prevent you from getting help. Make time for recovery and invest in yourself emotionally and physically. Make meaningful activities such as exercise, meditation, and journaling part of your daily routine.

“My Happiness Depends on Using the Substance”

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Addiction does not make you happy in the long run; instead, it can lead to guilt, shame, and depression. Addiction is a temporary distraction from life’s problems but doesn’t provide real solutions. Recognize that you can only find genuine happiness in proper recovery, not from the false sense of satisfaction from substance use. Address the underlying issues that drive addiction and replace them with healthier coping strategies.

“I Need to Use if I Want to Have Fun”

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Addiction causes the brain to rely on substances to feel good and creates a false belief that it’s the only way to have fun. The truth is that you can have fun without using any substances. Plenty of activities, hobbies, and social events can bring joy and entertainment into your life. Instead of using, try engaging in activities that bring you joy and challenge yourself to find new ways to have fun.

“I Can Quit Anytime I Want; I Just Choose Not to”

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Addiction is not a choice but an illness, and if you think quitting is nothing but a simple option you can make whenever you decide, you are wrong. This thinking can damage the recovery process as it makes you ignore the reality of addiction, which is a complex condition requiring help. To quit, you need to be honest with yourself and get help.

“I’m in Control of My Addiction, and It Doesn’t Control Me”

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This lie gives you the false belief that you control your addiction when it has taken control of your life. Addiction is a powerful force that can influence your actions and decisions, so be aware of its power over you, and work towards recovery.

“It Doesn’t Matter How Much I Use; I’m Never Going to Become an Addict”

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Telling yourself this lie means you are yet to grasp the gravity of the risks of substance use. Addiction can happen to anyone, and it does not discriminate based on the amount of intake. Stopping or seeking appropriate assistance is ideal if you feel the urge to use it more often or in larger amounts.

“I’m Too Embarrassed to Get Help for My Addiction”

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It would also be a lie to say that addiction is not a difficult and embarrassing topic to discuss. However, seeking help and support from others, whether it’s from family members or professionals, can be the most effective way of recovering from addiction. You should never be ashamed to ask for help and you are not alone in this struggle.

“No One Will Understand My Struggle, So I Need to Keep It to Myself”

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It is a common misconception to believe that no one will understand the struggles associated with addiction, but this could not be further from the truth. There is an entire community of people who are in similar situations and can provide empathy and understanding for your struggles. Reaching out can help you find the proper support and identify healthy coping strategies for dealing with addiction. Do not be afraid.

“I’m Too Far Gone for Treatment; There’s No Way Back for Me”

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No matter what stage of addiction you are in, there is always hope. You always have to believe that recovery is possible. Addiction treatment focuses on providing personalized and specialized plans to help you overcome the addiction, no matter how severe it might be. Always avoid this lie, and take that first step.

“I Don’t Need to Talk About My Addiction; Things Will Get Better on Their Own”

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Talking about addiction is an integral part of the recovery process. Talking to someone you trust and seeking professional help can be the difference between continuing an unhealthy lifestyle and making positive changes. Addressing addiction in a safe and supportive environment can help you gain clarity and find encouragement to keep you going.

“I Like How It Makes Me Feel”

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While substances may provide a temporary high and temporarily mask low self-esteem, the long-term effects of substance abuse can damage your physical, mental, and emotional health. Note that addiction is not about how something makes you feel but rather the underlying issues that need to be addressed to stay healthy.

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