Melissa Peterman weight loss | Diet and exercise routine

Melissa Peterman has received a lot of attention after losing 60 pounds in one year. How did the 50-year old American actress achieve this rapid weight transformation?

This is one story anyone trying to achieve weight loss should know.

In this article, you will see the exact strategies actress Peterman used to lose 60 pounds in a few months. I will also share some secret weight loss lessons from her story. Read on.

Who is Melissa Peterman?

Melissa Margaret Peterman is a talented actress and comedian. 

Melissa Peterman Weight loss 

She began acting in 1996 and has featured in over 30 TV programs. 

Melissa is popularly known for her roles as Barbra Jean in the TV comedy series – Reba, and Bonnie Wheeler in the Family series, Baby Daddy. 

She is happily married to John Brady.

Melissa Peterman weight loss journey

Melissa’s weight loss journey started in October 2005 after becoming a mother. 

She had just delivered her firstborn child, Riley David Brady, and Peterman gained weight due to the pregnancy.

She thought she needed to keep her weight in check and stay fit to give the most care to her baby.

With determination and healthy eating habits, Melissa lost 60 pounds of weight by 2006.

Melissa Peterman weight loss secret

Remarkably, the American actress lost weight naturally, considering how some other celebrities choose the shortest route to lose weight.  

Although there are rumors that the “Baby Daddy” actor underwent some weight loss surgeries, Melissa’s new diet helped her achieve this transformation in a few months. 

Her weight loss secret revolves around her diet and exercise regimens. 

Let’s see Melissa Peterman’s weight loss secrets in detail.

Melissa weight loss diet 

Melissa took to high proteins and high fiber meals to help her lose weight. 

She avoided junk foods as much as possible while eliminating high fats and sugar from her diet. 

And whenever she’s tempted to have some junk food, Melissa prepares them herself. 

This way, she can ensure healthy ingredients and diet. Some of her junk food includes; pizza, cookies, and ice cream.

Green teas have also proved to be beneficial for weight loss.

See below a typical menu of Melissa weight loss diet:


  • White omelet with fresh spinach
  • A side of turkey bacon, and 
  • Fresh fruit smoothie


  • Lentil soup with tomatoes and cheese,
  • Whole grain meals.

Snacks/small meals

  • Apple with peanut butter toast. 


  • Any vegan dish.

A vegan dish contains only plant products; they include vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits. 

Melissa Peterman’s exercise routine

For actress Melissa Peterman, getting a personal trainer was a more convenient fitness option than gymming. 

So, she hired a fitness trainer to help her through her weight loss journey.

Her workout routine included regular body rotation exercises and cardio/strength training with bodyweight exercises. 

Here is a comprehensive list of these exercises:

  • Situps, 
  • Pushups, 
  • Neck rotation, 
  • Wrist rotations, 
  • Arms circles, 
  • Shoulder rotation, 
  • Jogging and running,
  • Breathing exercises.

In addition to the above, you can also try bodyweight exercises like fire hydrants and crunches to lose weight. 

Water exercises have proved to be beneficial for weight loss, too. 

Read everything about water exercises for weight loss here.

Lessons from Melissa Peterman Weight loss Journey

The following are some things you can learn from Melissa’s weight loss approach.

Your eating habit matters

Like Melissa, if you must achieve weight loss, you will have to pay attention to your diet.

Melissa’s diet mainly consisted of fruits and vegetables, and she cut down on junk and processed food

It would be best if you also considered eating only home-prepared dishes. This way, you can be sure to consume more healthy meals.

Take exercises seriously

Routine exercises played a significant role in Melissa Peterman’s weight loss story. 

If you feel land training is too strenuous, you can opt for simple and less tiresome pool exercises to achieve the same results.   

You can also join group workout sessions at a gym to motivate you throughout your weight loss journey. 

By all means, ensure you do the exercises. 

Read about our bodyweight exercise hacks here. 

An active lifestyle pays off

Aside from her fitness lessons, the 50-year old comedian also leads an active lifestyle.

She usually does something and even walks with her pets when she is less busy. 

This simple activity, no doubt, contributed to her rapid weight loss. 

The truth is, an active lifestyle will take excessive calories off your body even without you knowing it.

Get help from professionals when necessary

If you cannot figure out what exercises and diet to adopt, you should get help from a fitness expert or nutritionist. 

This move will also help keep you in check to ensure you smash your weight loss goals. 

Weight loss is possible with proper dieting

Melissa’s weight loss story has proved that anyone can achieve rapid weight loss without surgery or diet pills. 

With discipline and healthy high protein diets, anyone can lose weight fast. 

Melissa Peterman weight loss advice

  1. Stay hydrated always. 
  2. Take a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every day. 
  3. Don’t skip breakfast at any cost.
  4. Avoid shortcuts like surgeries as they may be harmful to the body. Instead, eat right and exercise daily.


How much does Melissa Peterman weigh?

Melissa Peterman lost 60 pounds. She now weighs 148 pounds (67 kilograms), pegging her BMI (body mass index) at 21.14. 

This value is within the normal range, indicating that she lives a healthy life. 

What did Melissa Peterman do to lose weight?

Melissa took to a vegan diet and exercised regularly.   


Melissa Peterman’s weight loss journey is a perfect story for anyone looking to lose weight or are on the verge of quitting their fitness goals. 

With regular exercise and healthy eating habits, you, too, like Melissa Peterman, will achieve your desired weight loss in no time. 

Also, remember to maintain an active lifestyle. 

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