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If you’re a dance enthusiast who surfs YouTube often, chances are you have come across a dance performance of Tessa Brooks before.

The 22-year old social media personality has made headlines with her weight loss, which further increased her popularity. 

What did Tessa Brooks do to lose 20 pounds in less than six months?

Find out everything about Tessa Brooks weight loss in this article.

Who is Tessa Brooks?

Tessa Brooks Hammerschmidt is an American actress and dancer. She was born in April 1999 in Fresno, California.

Tessa Brooks weight loss
Tessa Brooks weight transformation

She began dance training at the tender age of two and rose to fame in 2013 after performing on the Disney TV show “The Next Big Thing.”

Tessa is also a model and successful Youtuber with over 3 million followers.

What inspired Tessa Brooks weight loss?

Before she began her weight transformation in 2016, Tessa had always wished she had lost a few pounds. 

Though muscly as a child, her excessive weight gain resulted from unhealthy eating habits. 

For Tessa, eating was the best way to ease her stress.

She said,

“My body type has always been muscly and tiny. 

I am the person that eats my feeling away, and so that’s when I kind of started to gain weight, and it just stayed like that for a while.”

Tessa thought that by losing weight, she would feel happier with herself.

How did Tessa Brooks weight loss journey start?

Tessa’s weight loss started as far back as 2016 when she was 17. 

She shared that she had tried to lose weight for 1 to 2 years but ended up quitting her diet and gymming at some point. 

As a result, she returned to her old shape after achieving a 5 to 10 lbs weight loss each time, which made her unhappy with herself.

Tessa attributes her inconsistent weight loss to her unhealthy diets. 

She said,

“How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is mozzarella sticks.” 

However, in 2019, Brooks decided to follow all the diet and workout sessions strictly.

By mid-2019, she successfully lost 20 pounds and has kept fit since then.

Tessa Brooks weight loss secret

To achieve weight loss, one must do away with junk and high-carb meals.

This was the first thing Brooks did. She changed her unhealthy diet.

See Tessa’s weight loss diet below. 

Tessa Brooks weight loss diet

The biggest secret of Tessa’s weight loss was that she eliminated dairy food from her diet. 

She admitted that it was the most challenging thing for her to do, but she let go after discovering its negative impact on her weight. 

For breakfast, Tessa takes smoothies for a start and some salad or chicken tacos for lunch. 

Her dinner consisted of mostly light meals.

Tessa Brooks weight loss exercise

To lose 20 pounds, Tessa engaged in more physical activities.

Rather than working out at a gym, Tessa preferred hiking and attending Pilates classes. 

She also dances for 30 minutes before starting her indoor exercises.

Other exercises Tessa did to lose weight are;

  • Yoga
  • Jumping lunges
  • Plank outs to build abs strength.
  • Hip swings
  • Pushups

Tessa does 20 pushups every day to strengthen her upper body muscles. 

Tessa Brooks after losing 20 pounds in 2019

Aside from her weight transformation, Tessa has shared that she is much stronger and healthier now.

She said her fitness improved her brain function, and she tires out less quickly, unlike before.

In her words,

“I don’t get tired as fast, and my brain works better. I have more energy”.

How does Tessa Brooks maintain her weight loss?

It is always more challenging to maintain a constant weight than to lose weight. 

However, Tessa wasn’t ready to give up her new physique at any cost and so adopted certain habits to avoid a weight gain relapse. 

To maintain her 20-pound weight loss transformation, Tessa added vitamins and celery juice to her everyday diet. 

Although she dislikes celery juice, she loves its benefit to her body.  

Tessa had also confessed to eating cheese and other dairy products; however, she does more workouts than usual whenever she cheats on her diet.

Tessa Brooks weight loss advice

The American influencer has shared some tips with her fans to help them lose weight. These tips are outlined below.

Avoid chips, sour cream cheese, white rice, and dairy food, including cheese and corn.

Tessa advises fans to stay away from the diet above if they want to lose weight.

As she has successfully undergone weight loss, you can confidently accept this advice.

Eat moderately

Aside from eating healthy meals, the YouTuber mentioned that she also ate everything in moderation. 

However, she tried to have as many fat-free meals whenever she went out.

Take plenty of water

Brooks shared that water played a significant role in her weight loss journey.

By keeping her body well-hydrated, she could better concentrate on her workout session.


How did Tessa Brooks lose weight?

Tessa achieved her weight loss by cutting dairy products and started regular exercises. 

She also increased her water intake and added celery juice to her diet.

How much does Tessa Brooks weigh now?

Tessa currently weighs about 121 pounds (55kg). She has a height of 1.7m, resulting in a BMI of 19.03.

This value is within the normal BMI range, showing that she is living healthy.


From Tessa Brooks’ weight loss story, one can conclude that a low-calorie diet is paramount to losing weight. 

By losing 20 pounds naturally, Tessa has inspired others to start their weight loss journey. 

We hope you also find some motivation to get started on your weight transformation if you want that. 

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