How to decrease estrogen dominance symptoms

Many people are affected by female estrogen dominance to some degree. Although perimenopausal women are the most susceptible, children and males aren’t protected. 

The constant exposure to xenohormones alters the delicate balance of hormones. This results in high levels of estrogen and depleted progesterone.

Although conventional medicine provides medications to regulate hormones, many women want to combat estrogen dominance naturally.

It takes more time to treat your body with natural cures. However, the benefits are worth it. 

A holistic approach helps the body heal itself and can create hormones. You’llYou’ll experience better energy, vitality, and health because of it.

How to decrease estrogen dominance naturally

A holistic strategy is required to reverse the adverse effects of estrogen dominance. Use the following tips to ease symptoms:

Eliminate the source(s)

The priority is to reduce your exposure to chemicals that cause xenohormones to make you sick. Get rid of any toxic cleaners, including plastics, cookware, and personal care items from your home. 

It would help if you considered purchasing a high-quality water filter. Suppose you don’t own one in your home already. 

Apart from possibly having heavy metals, our water supply is frequently contaminated by chemical substances that disrupt the endocrine system.

Also, one of the largest sources of xenohormones is the food we consume.

The conventionally raised meat and dairy products are the most harmful, so consider avoiding them or reducing intake. Some fruits and vegetables are treated with hormone-disrupting toxins and can also be a source of xenohormones.

Consuming organic food is the most effective option.


If you are suffering from extreme estrogen dominance symptoms, it is recommended to do a complete liver cleanse.

It is also possible to help your body cleanse itself by following easy everyday strategies. Epsom salt baths, sipping lemon juice early in the morning and before going to bed, helps to rid your body of the toxins.

Also, regularly exercising and sweating is ideal for your body’s detoxification.

Manage your stress

Exposure to Xenohormones is not the only factor in estrogen dominance. Stress can also play a significant part. 

Continuous exposure to stress can increase cortisol levels in our bodies, increasing estrogen levels and decreasing progesterone.

Find ways to reduce your stress. Yoga, meditation, and other types of exercise are excellent choices. 

Sometimes, laughter or spending time with your loved ones can be a great way to improve your spirit.

Boost progesterone levels

One of the most effective methods to increase progesterone levels is to consume a balanced diet.

Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with grass-fed, organic meat.

High-quality supplements like Vitamins A as well as B6 are good too. Certain herbs, like Chasteberry, are also a great way to boost progesterone levels throughout the body.

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