Want to Have a Good Life? NEVER Take Advice From These People

We all need advice, but it helps to know who you should and shouldn’t take advice from. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, and some people are just plain wrong about certain things.

To ensure you’re getting the best advice possible, avoid these people when you want guidance. From those who always tell you what they think is right without considering your circumstances to individuals with a narrow view of life – here they are!

The Know-It-All

These individuals think they know everything and always have the perfect solution to your problem. They don’t consider what you want or need but instead stick to their opinion, which may not be relevant.

Asking this person for advice will leave you frustrated and with a solution that may not work in the long run. They don’t understand that everyone is different, and what works for them may not work for you.

Besides, what do they say about a jack of all trades? They’re usually a master of none. I’d rather ask someone who knows more about something than risk relying on a know-it-all.

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The Negative Nelly

A negative attitude can bring you down, so it’s best to steer clear of someone like this. The Negative Nelly will always have something bad to say and will focus on the downsides of any situation without considering the positives.

Advice from this person will only leave you feeling worse and more defeated. They won’t give solutions or help improve the situation, only give reasons you can’t do something. Your self-esteem is at stake here, so it’s best to avoid this person altogether.

The Gossip Queen

Gossiping is never a good thing. No matter the conversation topic, gossip peddlers always seek something juicy to discuss and often twist stories to make them more interesting.

Taking advice from someone like this means you’ll get inaccurate information that may not even be relevant to your situation. It’s best not to engage with gossip and instead look for more dependable sources of advice.

The bigger problem is not getting good advice but being the subject of gossip. Whatever you tell a gossip can and will be used against you; it’s only a matter of time.

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The Self-Absorbed

There’s nothing wrong with someone who loves to talk about themselves, but it can become a problem when they take the conversation away from you whenever you ask for advice. This person cannot think beyond their experiences and preferences, so their advice may not apply to your situation.

When dealing with someone like this, the best thing is to excuse yourself and seek advice elsewhere politely. You don’t have time for self-absorption, so move on! Besides, advice is not just about words; it’s also about empathy and understanding. You won’t find much of that with a self-absorbed person.

The Person With No Experirence

We all know that person who thinks they know everything because they read a few books and watched some YouTube videos. This individual will advise without any experience or substance to back it up, which can be dangerous.

Stay away from this person and seek advice elsewhere if you need help. You’re better off getting advice from someone with real-world experience rather than relying on theoretical knowledge.

These “no experience” people are not necessarily bad but can lead you astray if you take their advice without researching yourself. You may find their input helpful, but be careful and don’t rely solely on what they tell you.

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The One Who Doesn’t Want to Hurt Your Feelings

This person is almost always well-meaning and wants to spare your feelings. The problem is that they don’t give the best advice because they don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you something difficult.

Their advice will never be wrong, but it won’t necessarily be right. It’s important to remember that sometimes you need tough love to make progress. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from someone who can give it straight and isn’t afraid of hurting your feelings.

The Person That Isn’t Going After What They Want

The last person you want advice from is someone who isn’t going after what they want. This person may be well-intentioned, but their advice will often be the kind that keeps you stuck in one place instead of helping you move forward.

These people think small and offer advice based on fear rather than courage. They may tell you what’s “safe” or “comfortable,” but they won’t challenge you to go after something bigger and better. So if you’re looking for advice to help you reach your goals, look for someone actively going after what they want.

The best advice is the kind that comes from someone who has been there and done that, or at least is actively doing it.

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Not every piece of advice is good or helpful, and not everybody has the right advice to give. Know who you’re taking advice from, and consider if they have the experience and knowledge to give helpful guidance.

Ultimately, it’s your decision and your life, so choose wisely. Seek out the people who will give you honest, unbiased, and informed advice to help you reach your goals or solve that problem.

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