Boomers Are Unimpressed With Current Trends, Miss the Good Ol’ Days

Someone on a social media platform asked, “what’s your most painful boomer take”? Over 600 suspected boomers aired their opinions on various issues across life and society. Many boomers seem to have nostalgia, lamenting the shortcomings of modern times.

We compiled some of the most interesting and thought-provoking responses below:

Music Is Bad These Days (Unoriginal, Bland, Soulless)

In today’s world, music is becoming increasingly bland and unoriginal. With the internet providing access to virtually any type of music imaginable, it can be difficult for young musicians to find their creative voice. As a result, much of today’s popular music lacks depth and soul.

Technology has exacerbated this trend, making it easier than ever to create digital recordings without understanding musical instruments or theory. Sadly, this lack of knowledge often results in songs that are not musically interesting or inspiring.

The commenter ended with Julia Holter’s great quote:” I hear a lot of music that’s just lazy—you know, people in their bedrooms singing something into the microphone. It’s bad. But they’re like, “This is art.” It’s so annoying.”

People Value Virtual Communities That Don’t Provide Genuine Social Connection

Another worrying trend is the rise of virtual communities that don’t provide genuine social connections. Many people today prefer relationships through technology rather than face-to-face conversations or even phone calls.

Social media and other online platforms have made staying in touch with friends and family easier, but there is a danger of becoming disconnected from the people around us.

The commenter implies that virtual relationships can never replace genuine human contact and social interaction. Besides, the lack of face-to-face contact can lead to a superficial understanding of one another that is far removed from what real relationships are based on.

College Friends Maintained Relationships, Clubs, and Reunions for Decades

The commenter believes that college friends and classmates used to have a much closer bond than they do today. He cites that his grandparents are in their late 80s and still get together with their high school class, college sorority, rotary club, etc.

This contrasts with current trends where people lose touch with one another shortly after college ends. What could be the cause of this sudden disconnect? Is the world moving too fast, or are people no longer building relationships that stand the test of time?

Another commenter suggests that fewer people have the time, money, or inclination to participate in group activities or reunions, which could explain the lack of long-term connections. Could that be the case, or is there something more to it?

Parents in the Neighborhood Connected and Watched Over Each Others Kids

The commenter recalls a time when parents in the community seemed like a friendly bunch and looked out for one another’s children. They would also chill and have BBQs together.

Today, there seems to be less of a sense of neighborhood or community among people living close to one another due to busy lifestyles and a lack of interest in socializing. Another commenter maintains that they try to make friends with their kids’ friends’ parents, but they’re usually uninterested.

This lack of connection also means that parents don’t have as much support when it comes to keeping an eye on their children. With fewer people looking out for them, kids are more likely to get into trouble or be exposed to negative influences. Do you agree?

Everybody Wants to Be a Superstar Today; Nobody Wants to Be a Team Player

This person dropped a one-line quote by Hank Hill, and the message is quite clear: the world is quickly becoming a “me” society instead of an “us” one. People are more interested in pursuing individual goals and achievements than in participating in collaborative projects.

The commenter believes that too many people have become focused on their success and fail to recognize the importance of working together as part of a team. Unfortunately, this egocentrism has caused many relationships and communities to suffer.

This culture of individualism has also caused people to become more competitive and less supportive. This lack of collaboration makes it difficult to succeed because most people do it alone.


A lot has changed since the “good old days,” according to boomers and Generation Xers. Are those days gone for good, and should everyone accept current affairs?

Well, that debate is certainly ongoing, and everyone has an opinion. What do you think? Do you believe that people are more disconnected than ever before? Or is it a case of evolution, and the world is moving on? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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