11 essential oils for high blood pressure

In addition to diet and lifestyle, natural remedies like essential oils and aromatherapy can also help to combat high blood pressure. 

This article discusses the eleven types of essential oils that can help you recover from high blood pressure and how to use them. Let’s see.

What is high blood pressure?

The systolic and diastolic pressure determines a person’s blood pressure. This is the pressure in the arteries when the heart is beating and the pressure between heartbeats. It measures how much work the heart does to pump blood into the body.

When a person’s blood pressure is high, their heart is doing more work than required. This puts tension on the heart muscles, giving them little time to relax. This condition, if not properly managed or treated, can lead to heart failure and even death.

The normal blood pressure is around 120/80mmHg, and any pressure above this rate is considered high. 

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic substances derived from roots, flowers, leaves, and plant stems. They are called essential oils because they represent the very essence of the plant’s fragrance. They are generally extracted through the process of distillation and steaming. 

11 essential oils for high blood pressure 

Several essential oils help lower blood pressure. The following are top in the list:

1. Jasmine oil

Derived from the jasmine plant, Jasminum officinale, Jasmine oil is an effective remedy for high blood pressure. It is known for its sweet and floral aroma that calms the nerves and reduces anxiety. Jasmine oil is also helpful to relieve stress and improve respiratory function.

2. Mandarin oil

Mandarin oil has a cool and refreshing effect that stills your nervous system and ensures seamless blood flow around your body. It is obtained from oranges and tangerines.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is known to be one of the best oils for relieving anxiety. It is derived from the popular lavender flower Lavandula angustifolia and has powerful sedative effects. 

recent study showed that patients who inhaled lavender oil felt more alert, relaxed, and refreshed after doing so.

Apply a few drops of lavender oil on a handkerchief and inhale for some minutes to get quick relief from stress and fatigue.

4. Geranium oil

This natural deodorant works by increasing blood circulation in the body and lightening your mood. 

The fragrance of geranium oil will soothe your body and mind and ensure your heart is in the most relaxed state. 

5. Rose oil 

This oil possesses a strong calming effect that will relax your whole body. Its ability to increase blood circulation makes it an excellent choice for treating high blood pressure. 

6. Valerian oil 

Valerian oil is effective for those who struggle to sleep as a result of high blood pressure. It has very relaxing scents that will reduce tension and calm your heart in no time. It is derived from the roots of valerian flowers.

7. Lemon Balm Oil

Also known as melissa, lemon balm oil contains strong anti-depressant properties that improve mood and emotion. It works as a heart tonic to protect against heart palpitations, tachycardia, and heart attacks. It is therefore helpful for lowering high blood pressure.

8. Ylang Ylang oil 

The unique ylang ylang oil is a sleep enhancer and an effective way to reduce fast heart rate. In addition to increasing blood circulation, ylang ylang oil will lower your cortisol level to reduce tension in blood vessels and arteries.

9. Neroli oil 

Neroli oil is a high-quality oil with excellent anti-depressant properties; it works on your nervous system to help you stay calm and relaxed.

Apply this oil before bed to get a more peaceful and pleasant sleep.

10. Bergamot oil 

In combination with other essential oils, bergamot essential oil has been shown to relieve blood pressure and heart rate through aromatherapy.

Bergamot oil works by lowering cortisol levels that trigger high blood pressure.

11. Clary Sage oil

Sage essential oil works well as a mood enhancer and will provide relief from anxiety. It is perfect for reducing blood pressure and respiratory rate.

Other essential oils for treating high blood pressure include marjoram oil, citronella oil, and frankincense oils.

Ways to use essential oils for high blood pressure

You can apply essential oils in several ways. Here are three practical ways to use essential oils for high blood pressure. 

As a diffuser

To use essential oil as a diffuser, mix equal drops of bergamot, lavender, and ylang ylang oils in an aromatherapy diffuser and slowly inhale for 30 to 40 minutes.

Massage oil 

Essential oil can be used as a massage oil to provide relief from stress and anxiety. You can also add it to your warm bath.

To prepare, mix the following:

  • Ten drops of lavender oil
  • Seven drops of ylang ylang oil
  • One drop of neroli oil and five drops of marjoram oil. 

Afterward, add one-third of the mixture to 60ml of almond oil.

As a lotion

Mix 4-5 drops of sage, frankincense, and lavender essential oils together and add to 60ml of coconut oil. Rub on your temple or under your nose to use.

Do not ingest essential oils as they may be harmful to your body.

Essential oil for high blood pressure – FAQs

How do essential oils work for high blood pressure?

Essential oils work by reducing high-stress levels that raise blood pressure.

As you inhale these essential oils, the smell reaches the brain directly and transmits signals to keep the body in check. In turn, neurotransmitters are produced that help reduces stress and calm the nerves. This puts you at peace and prevents your blood pressure from getting out of control. 

What are the side effects of using essential oils?

Some side effects associated with essential oils are nausea, shortness of breath, cough, and headache. But these effects go away as the scent diminishes.


With a heart-healthy diet and a decrease in stress, high blood pressure can be prevented or treated healthily and naturally without the side effects of medication. Be sure to consult with your doctor before adopting this regimen.

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