How to remove wax from the skin | 6 quick and effective ways

You may find it difficult to remove wax from your skin because it is very sticky and can leave some cloggy residue.

It is best to wipe off any remaining wax immediately to ensure it doesn’t fully adhere and irritate the skin underneath.

This article will show you six ways to remove wax from your skin and what to do to prevent wax from sticking to your skin. Read on.

How to remove wax from your skin

You can use these methods independently or combine them to remove all the wax on your body.

How to remove wax from the skin

1. Use the towels that come with wax

This is the easiest, fastest and cheapest option. Some waxes come with a towel made exclusively to remove the wax. 

All you need to do is use this washcloth to remove the wax from your skin. It works well and usually manages to pull everything out. 

To use, just put the washcloth in the place where you have the wax and rub it gently.

2. Apply warm water and soap

Lukewarm water and soap also help to remove wax from your skin. Pour some warm water on the affected area and rub little soap until it comes off.

This method usually works well, but there are some situations where the wax residue is too dense, and it may not work.

3. Remove wax using oil

Any alcohol-free oil will help. It could be baby oil, olive oil, cooking oil, or any oil-based lotion

Soak a piece of cotton wool in the oil and gently wipe the wax residue on your skin. Hold for 30 seconds for the oil to loosen the wax.

Rub gently to remove the wax. If needed, apply a little more oil.

Then wash your skin under with running water, and you’re done. Finish with a moisturizer to protect your skin.

4. Hot water compress

If you don’t have any oil at home, you can make a compress with hot water, and it’s very simple.

Heat water until it is hot, enough to touch the skin without burning. Then dip a clean cloth in that water and place it on the skin, where the wax is stuck.

Leave it for a minute, then remove the wax. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Finish by washing with soap and water, and apply a moisturizer.

5. Use petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

Vaseline is another practical and inexpensive option to remove wax on your skin.

Take some vaseline paste with your fingers and apply it to the waxed skin area. Rub gently to loosen the wax. 

Leave the vaseline on the skin for a few minutes, then wipe it all off with a cotton pad, wash and moisturize.

6. Use an ice cube

Get an ice cube and hold it on the leftover wax for about 30 seconds. The wax should dry off and become brittle with time.

Wipe the wax with a clean cloth. 

If the wax isn’t ready to flake off yet, try holding the ice against it a little longer.

How to prevent wax from sticking to the skin

It is better to prevent wax from sticking to the skin than remove it.

One of the best ways to prevent wax from sticking is to hydrate the skin. You can achieve this by investing in a humidifier, wearing sunscreen, using hydrating skincare products, and more.

Another way to hydrate your skin is to use natural water all over the area. The more hydrated, the better your chances.

You should also apply a moisturizing cream to your skin hours before shaving. Let the moisturizer dry completely, and then shave normally.

Other ways to prevent wax from sticking to your skin

Apply powder to your skin before waxing.

Sprinkle powder on your skin and spread it to cover the whole area you want to wax. Then wax your skin. 

And when removing the wax strip, pull it quickly to reduce the pain of hair removal and avoid wax residue on your skin.

Side note: Ensure you do not sweat before the time of waxing; else, the wax sticks to your skin. 

Use hot and thin wax

Cold wax can be quite stressful to use; it thickens and doesn’t spread properly. 

It is better to use hot wax for your waxing process to ensure it doesn’t stick to your skin. Don’t use too hot wax; check the temperature by applying a small patch of wax on your skin first. 

Try trimming your hair

If your hair is about ½ inch long, you’ll find it easier to wax and pull off the hairs. Long hairs often get tangled up in the wax, thus making the waxing process difficult and messy. 

Trim your body hair to the desired length when you plan to wax.

What doesn’t remove wax residue from the skin?

You must be careful when selecting remedies for your waxed skin because some products can cause you severe problems instead of helping you. The biggest danger you need to avoid are products with alcohol and alcohol itself.

Although alcohol removes the wax, it also damages your skin. It can cause burning, irritation, and allergy. 

Follow our guide to remove wax from your skin; these recommendations work well without posing any threat to you.


After waxing, you may find that there are bits of wax on your skin, particularly on your hands. The methods discussed in this post will help you eliminate any leftover wax from your skin. 

Don’t try to remove the wax with your nails, as this may hurt your skin that is already sensitive due to waxing. 

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